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Last updated: 2017-08-09
This contains a local list of the bugs that are open against
libguestfs. Bugs are tracked in the Red Hat Bugzilla database
at and to report a new bug you
should follow this link:
When reporting a new bug, please check:
- That the bug has not been reported already.
- That you are testing a recent version.
- Describe the bug accurately, and give a way to reproduce it.
- Include the version of libguestfs, distro version and any other
relevant information.
- Attach the complete output of "libguestfs-test-tool".
Bugs in NEW or ASSIGNED state are open and waiting for someone to fix.
547488 NEW
guestfish cannot tab complete filenames that contain spaces
572337 NEW
libguestfs should support gptsync
578103 NEW
[RFE] Tool to Compare Windows Registry Entries
604041 NEW
guestmount absolute symlinks don't work
637251 NEW
virt-inspector fails to recognize data-only NTFS disk image
693064 NEW
Symbolic links on ntfs-3g are not followed correctly by some commands
745576 NEW
libguestfs (or qemu?) hangs if sparse file runs out of disk space
770075 NEW
FEBOOTSTRAP_MODULES fails if modules directory is not under /lib
770076 NEW
FEBOOTSTRAP_KERNEL causes appliance build to fail
785603 NEW
copy-out "No such file or directory"
790837 NEW
Use of atexit to clean up handles is wrong in multithreaded programs
813290 NEW
mdadm (md-detail) test occasionally fails with 'md device /dev/md125 does not appear to be active.'
824021 NEW
inspection cannot recognize guest which uses btrfs subvolumes for root
824782 NEW
virt-resize cannot resize PowerPC guests
832602 NEW
"error in chunked encoding" when trying to extract (tar-out) a truncated ISO image
833362 NEW
virt-make-fs test fails on ppc64 because filesystem block size is 64k
835622 NEW
RFE: virt-sparsify should be able to sparsify onto a thin-provisioned LV
845234 NEW
RFE: virt-ls on Windows guest doesn't support drive letters
848464 NEW
gobject javascript bindings cannot use 64 bit integers
848926 NEW
virt-v2v should verify that the RHEV-M domain is an export storage domain
857763 NEW
libguestfs 'file-architecture' returns 'ARM' for arm binaries
866994 NEW
tgz-out causes memory leak in guestfsd
887826 NEW
RFE: virt-sparsify cannot handle multi-disk virtual machines (eg. if they use LVM, MD, LDM, etc)
891909 NEW
Can't make install with non-standard prefix as non-root
895898 NEW
RFE: Allow interface to be specified with libvirt attach-method
895946 NEW
Got incorrect block count number when resize ntfs file system via "ntfsresize_opts"
903987 NEW
Command "acl-set-file" is inconvenient to use
910115 NEW
RFE: support ntfsresize --bad-sectors option in virt-resize
910117 NEW
virt-v2v removes serial console from securetty list
910269 NEW
Tracker: Bugs in other packages that stop libguestfs working
913815 NEW
febootstrap: no ext2 root device found when running libguestfs-test-tools
917706 NEW
guestfs_umount_local is not thread safe
920617 NEW
RFE: virt-inspector (or another tool) should produce OVF output for oVirt / RHEV
921604 NEW
RFE: virt-v2v: add option to specify spice or VNC and whether to add USB connections
963232 NEW
RFE: v2v: a --no-cleanup would be useful for debugging of disk images that guestfs has issues converting
973138 NEW
RFE: sh & debug sh should be able to capture all output and error return code
982516 NEW
sh "rpm -Va" fails because apparently /dev/shm is not created/bind-mounted correctly
986242 NEW
golang bindings cannot be compiled if golang-guestfs package is installed
987829 NEW
virt-resize error: "lvm_set_filter: vgchange: Couldn't find device with uuid .. Refusing activation of partial LV"
988100 NEW
RFE: journal reader in guestfish
991641 NEW
virt-sysprep fs-uuids plugin doesn't update UUIDs in fstab, elsewhere
991830 NEW
virt-resize throws ambiguous error when /dev/mapper/VG-LV path is used
1025942 NEW
Parallel virt-df and virt-alignment-scan tests sometimes deadlock
1027526 NEW
RFE: Labels for logical partitions lost in Windows 2003 after virt-resize for primary partition
1029134 NEW
Broken links in virt-builder web man page
1033573 NEW
libguestfs inspection does not recognize NAS4Free OS installed on QCOW2 image
1040912 NEW
[ARM] mount-local / FUSE support does not seem to work at all
1056047 NEW
virt-df generates no output for Solaris 11 x86_64 guest.
1057873 NEW
libguestfs df/ subdirectory tests fail occasionally
1060423 NEW
Support setting xattrs via FUSE
1061040 NEW
RFE: Enable ZFS support
1069966 NEW
RFE: let virt-builder etc build ARM guests on x86 host
1075594 NEW
RFE: python-libguestfs should be available on pypi
1079734 NEW
Tiny Core Linux is not recognized by libguestfs inspection
1092583 NEW
guestfish removes query string from URI
1097272 NEW
Ruby bindings should use RB_GC_GUARD (instead of volatile) for enhanced safety
1099475 NEW
sfdisk: BLKRRPART: Device or resource busy
1100138 NEW
some operation cause "lvremove" can not find the object
1102241 NEW
[RFE] libguestfs should detect OSTree (project-atomic) qcow2 disk image
1102619 NEW
lvm-clear-filter failed when has two same name but different uuid's VG
1103444 NEW
virt-v2v of RHEL AS release 3(Taroon) VMware VM fails because rpm binary segfaults
1108171 NEW
RFE: virt-builder should be able to build PXE images for baremetal installation
1113153 NEW
RFE: Inspection should support systemd mount units
1114012 NEW
"yum install guestfish" on fresh Fedora 20 results in broken libguestfs
1118305 NEW
RFE: Ability to set iSCSI-Initiator-IQN for iSCSI connections
1129110 NEW
Libguestfs NTFS not setting ACLs
1130506 NEW
RFE: virt-sparsify in copying mode should support qemu detect-zeroes
1134726 NEW
[RFE] virt-builder should support args with the --run command
1139785 NEW
virt-sysprep should change UUID fields in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* files
1144137 NEW
virt-inspector fails on Minix 3 guest
1144138 NEW
virt-inspector fails on FreeBSD 9.3 guest
1151902 NEW
RFE: virt-v2v should do something with <interface type='direct'> (either virtualize it or give an error)
1151903 NEW
virt tools --csv output should have a meaningful output
1152369 NEW
virt-v2v failed to convert RHEL 6.7 UEFI guest: no grub1/grub-legacy or grub2 configuration file was found
1152533 NEW
RFE: virt-v2v should do something with <disk device='lun'> (either virtualize it or give an error)
1153702 NEW
Using "upload - XXX" doesn't work with remote
1154408 NEW
libguestfs does not allow registering a qemu+tcp backend
1155229 NEW
RFE: Allow uploading virt-v2v converted images directly to Cinder
1172425 NEW
[RFE]virt-v2v failed to convert VMware ESX VM with snapshot
1173462 NEW
virt-resize on RHEL 5.7 fails to resize the raw format disk image
1176526 NEW
virt-resize cannot shrink ext filesystem by a small amount
1177460 NEW
virt-customize does not work with fedora atomic
1190666 NEW
virt-builder should get RHEL images from RHN
1195881 NEW
virt-builder can't docker pull
1197786 NEW
virt-builder fails --get-kernel on F21 PPC64 iso
1198344 NEW
[RFE] virt-builder should support download resume
1203816 NEW
virt-sysprep should error if a command line flag is not used because the operation is disabled
1212507 NEW
sfdisk-disk-geometry fails to display the disk geometry from the partition
1212546 NEW
rsync-out fails to synchronize filesystem with remote filesystem
1212679 NEW
Failed to create a augeas handle with flag=8 because of custom lens (guestfs_lvm_conf.aug)
1213274 NEW
Improve the misunderstanding error messages of virt-tar-in/virt-tar-out/virt-copy-in/virt-copy-out
1213319 NEW
[RFE]virt-v2v support convert guest with all interface types to others
1213844 NEW
guestfish should reset the console on ^Z
1215803 NEW
'/var/lib/random-seed: No such file or directory' with virt-tools on images with bind-mount of /var
1217959 NEW
journal logging support
1220751 NEW
fusermount returns EBUSY, but unmounts the disk anyway, confusing guestunmount
1232477 NEW
guestfs_add_drive_opts incorrectly quotes query parameters
1242028 NEW
virt-make-fs cannot set g+s bit on vfat
1250670 NEW
libguestfs-test-tool succeeds but guestmount fails
1253593 NEW
[RFE]virt-p2v support conversion of citrix xen guest
1277744 NEW
When VirtualBox is running, libguestfs fails with ioctl(KVM_CREATE_VM) failed: 16 Device or resource busy
1284191 NEW
virt-builder cgroup error when running docker
1291339 NEW
[RFE] Add support for layered/composable images in virt-builder repos
1293271 NEW
virt-sysprep --delete fails to delete a symbolic link to a dir
1293516 NEW
rm-rf can not delete files and dirs in symbolic link dir
1308535 NEW
RFE: v2v: Copy bios.hddOrder to target
1314739 NEW
The X server of Xen rhel5.11 can't start successfully after converted by virt-p2v
1317180 NEW
virt-sysprep fails with immutable files
1318922 NEW
network name mangling after virt-v2v conversion causes old-style network scripts to fail
1322837 NEW
Setting LIBGUESTFS_HV causes security context to be reset
1336627 NEW
Convert rhel6.8 x86 iscsi-qla4xxx host by virt-p2v failed with control conversion closed by remote
1337052 NEW
Can't see iscsi-be2iscsi storage on the p2v client
1337865 NEW
Part-init and part-add failed to create partition with mac parttype on aarch64
1341619 NEW
Sendkey"ctrl+alt+delete" is not useful at p2v client GUI mode
1346818 NEW
RFE: virt-get-kernel should be able to extract the kernel command line too
1347830 NEW
virt-edit on domains over remote transport attempts to edit a local path
1350762 NEW
Xterm's scroll bar can't work in p2v client if connect machine via virtual console
1351000 NEW
virt-customize --commands-from-file will fail if there is an extra blank in the file
1356550 NEW
QXL driver can't be installed automatically when convert win7 or win2008r2 from kvm to rhev by virt-v2v
1363764 NEW
Permission problems on disk images result in confusing behavior
1363796 NEW
[RFE] virt-v2v: add ability to identify source templates and indicate it in output to RHEV
1364058 NEW
[RFE] virt-v2v should provide an option to store the traces to log file
1365473 NEW
virt-p2v fails when source machine is using tboot (Intel Trusted Boot pre-kernel module)
1368599 NEW
pip install fails with ImportError: /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/ undefined symbol: put_isoinfo
1369010 NEW
v2v UEFI conversions fail if the source has a bus='ide' CD-ROM
1371379 NEW
Fail to inspect ppc64le ISO file
1372037 NEW
txz-in hangs on btrfs filesystem
1374254 NEW
Failed to boot up Win7sp1 for first time which installed on fc hardware after converting to rhv4.0
1374629 NEW
virt-p2v sees LCDRIVE & virtual floppy as hard disks, they are in fact removable
1376547 NEW
qemu-system-s390x: -device isa-serial,chardev=charserial0,id=serial0: 'isa-serial' is not a valid device model name
1383048 NEW which is /dev/sdb or /dev/mapper/mpatha can't be updated to vda after p2v conversion
1393747 NEW
RFE: Libguestfs should support LUKS partition in guest image
1398191 NEW
RFE: virt-v2v should support converting vm with LUKS disk encryption format
1400332 NEW
RFE: virt-builder should support templates with encrypted filesystems
1405273 NEW
RFE: virt-builder should support a URL as the output diskimage
1409024 NEW
[Debian] Missing db_dump abort inspection
1410102 NEW
Make install error for libguestfs-1.35.19
1415955 NEW
Ubuntu 14 doesn't generate ssh host keys during first boot
1417306 NEW
QEMU image file locking (libguestfs)
1420103 NEW
[RFE] Hyper-V support in v2v
1432213 NEW
virt-builder fails with warning: log file /tmp/builder.log: Guestfs.Error("download: call launch before using this functionn(in guestfish, don't forget to use the 'run' command)") (ignored)
1435162 NEW
virt-v2v: allow libvirt backend for xen+ssh
1438710 NEW
Backport new virt-rescue to RHEL 7
1440420 NEW
virt-p2v-make-disk errors with ImportError: /lib/ invalid ELF header
1443655 NEW
Ability to convert Virtual Machines to use virtio_scsi
1443955 NEW
There is error info about permission denied when convert a guest from vmx file by virt-v2v
1445659 NEW
RFE: convert Windows UEFI guests from VMware to OpenStack Glance
1446540 NEW
File system remains read-only after executing virt-tar-out
1449126 NEW
is there a command to get the blocks offset of data of a file?
1449734 NEW
libguestfs configure script looks at build perl for host perl availability
1449813 NEW
RFE: Add support in virt-v2v for writing directly to block device rather to image file
1450194 NEW
[RFE] Add ability for libguestfs to convert disk images to and from CloudForms supported provider types
1450325 NEW
virt-inspector could not parse the remote image for which the secret contains '/''
1450732 NEW
RFE: virt-sparsify does not support URLs
1451597 NEW
Ubuntu guest can't obtain ip after converting from vmware to rhv/kvm by virt-v2v
1455087 NEW
Failed to restart network service in rhel6 guest after converting to glance by virt-v2v
1459816 NEW
Origin info shows incorrect when convert guest from disk to rhv by virt-v2v
1460168 NEW
Failed to restart network service after converting rhel6 guest from disk by virt-v2v
1461983 NEW
part-to-dev and part-to-partnum APIs are buggy when the device name ends with a number
1463693 NEW
RFE: virt-v2v should install RHEV guest agent
1465323 NEW
virt-customize cannot set random seed for fresh Debian 9 guests
1465526 NEW
RuntimeError: mount_ro: /dev/cl/root on / (options: 'ro'): mount: mount /dev/mapper/cl-root on /sysroot failed: Structure needs cleaning
1465849 NEW
v2v hangs on removing vmware-tool
1468535 NEW can't be updated to vda if import rhel7.4 guest from kvm source at rhv4.1
1468540 NEW
Windows guest's storage/display can't be updated to virtio/qxl driver normmaly if import windows guest from kvm source at rhv4.1
1472039 NEW
RFE: virt-resize should be able to cope with crazy non-monotonic partition ordering used by Ubuntu
1472719 NEW
[RFE]Add warning in process of v2v converting guest which has pci passthrough device
1476081 NEW
inspect-os report error: could not parse integer in version number: V7Update2
1477905 NEW
Disable uninstallation of VMware tools (again)
1478465 NEW
virt-v2v: Adapt to qemu-kvm-rhev packaging layout changes
guestfish's list splitting does not recognize internal quoting
launch fails when run inside a Xen guest, when no non-PV kernels are installed
guestfish not able to mount freebsd ufs2 partitions automatically
RFE: Enable coredump capture in the appliance
SELinux labels don't work over guestmount (FUSE)
1143887 ASSIGNED
virt-v2v: warning: cannot write files to the NFS server as 36:36
1472272 ASSIGNED
Rebase libguestfs to current upstream release
(177 bugs)
Bugs in MODIFIED, POST or ON_QA state are fixed.
You can help by testing the fixes.
1379585 POST
guestfish mistakely parse nbd exportname
1384241 POST
The tar-in command does not allow restoring file capabilities
1448739 POST
RFE: Support multicore decompression for OVA files using pigz and pxz
1451665 POST
RFE: Virt-v2v can't convert the guest which has encrypted partition
1472288 POST
virt-v2v fails on opensuse 13.2 guest with error: statns: statns_stub: path must start with a / character
1053847 MODIFIED
Recommended default clock/timer settings
1466563 MODIFIED
Libguestfs should pass copyonread flag through to the libvirt XML
1471651 MODIFIED
wrong kernel-rt dependency
(8 bugs)
These bugs are in the VERIFIED state.
1165564 VERIFIED
Provide Reboot/Shutdown button after virt-p2v
1165569 VERIFIED
Disable "cancel conversion" button after virt-p2v conversion finished
1167601 VERIFIED
"Conversion was successful" pop out even virt-p2v fails
1167774 VERIFIED
virt-p2v fails with error:"nbd.c:nbd_receive_negotiate():L501: read failed"
1358332 VERIFIED
virt-p2v to become supported tool in RHEL 7.3
(5 bugs)
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