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make-fs: Remove warning from man page about lone --partition argument.

C's getopt_long has no problem with this.
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1 parent a8a655a commit 32cbd7ca0d90d0013f92f64c3c5755ebed2fb960 @rwmjones rwmjones committed Jan 29, 2014
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@@ -194,18 +194,6 @@ image.
You can change the partition table type, eg. I<--partition=gpt> for
large disks.
-Note that if you just use a lonesome I<--partition>, the option parser
-might consider the next parameter to be the partition type. For
- virt-make-fs --partition input.tar output.img
-would cause virt-make-fs to think you wanted to use a partition type
-of C<input.tar> which is completely wrong. To avoid this, use I<-->
-(a double dash) between options and the input and output arguments:
- virt-make-fs --partition -- input.tar output.img
For MBR, virt-make-fs sets the partition type byte automatically.
=item B<-v>

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