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Update TODO: Remove some things that we've done.

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rwmjones committed Nov 7, 2013
1 parent 55795e6 commit e982c0a2f56a5324d41b90b7a8f2715412f7e899
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@@ -501,22 +501,6 @@ this approach works, it doesn't solve the MBR problem, so likely we'd
have to write a library for that (or perhaps go back to sfdisk but
using a very abstracted interface over sfdisk).
-qemu caching
-(Suggested by Paolo Bonzini and Kevin Wolf)
-Measure the effect of cache=none, cache=directsync,
-cache=writethrough, cache=writeback.
-It's doubtful that using cache=none is useful, since it disables the
-host cache making read-heavy workloads slower (they rely entirely on
-the smaller appliance kernel's cache). And in libguestfs we don't
-necessarily care about ongoing data integrity while writing, as long
-as data is reliably written out when g.sync, g.shutdown or g.close
-return. Also in libguestfs we effectively control the whole stack, so
-we can ensure write barriers happen when we want.
virt-sparsify should use discard
@@ -562,8 +546,6 @@ virt-builder
- how can we give users a shell for debugging purposes?
- - get parallel xzcat working properly
- allow non-xz-compressed templates (faster)
- let notes etc be localized, ie. notes[en]=...

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