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Commits on Oct 18, 2013
  1. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: qemu-img in RHEL 5 doesn't let you create 512 byte qcow2 image.

    rwmjones authored
    I checked the source of qemu-img and this is not possible to create.
  2. @rwmjones

    RHEL 5: Don't use 'truncate' command in tests.

    rwmjones authored
    Use 'guestfish sparse' instead, which is roughly equivalent.
    See commit ef1514a
    and commit 39df80d.
    (cherry picked from commit 18c93ac)
Commits on Oct 17, 2013
  1. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Revert "Use pkg-config for Python"

    rwmjones authored
    In RHEL 5, python doesn't have pkg-config configuration.
    This reverts commit ba2e4f1.
  2. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: ruby: Use old rake/rdoctask and rake/gempackagetask.

    rwmjones authored
    The 'begin ... rescue' code is supposed to ensure these old packages
    are required, but for reasons not understood this doesn't work on
    ancient Ruby 1.8.5 in RHEL 5.
  3. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Remove Linux capabilities.

    rwmjones authored
    Linux file capabilities are not supported in RHEL 5, and the
    cap_*_file functions don't exist in the libcap library (although
    confusingly they are in the header file).
  4. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Disable valgrind.

    rwmjones authored
    Ancient automake didn't have AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE.
  5. @rwmjones
  6. @rwmjones
  7. @rwmjones
  8. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Disable tar --xz test.

    rwmjones authored
    Although xz is available, ancient tar didn't have the --xz option.
  9. @rwmjones
  10. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Don't use sgabios.

    rwmjones authored
    Old qemu doesn't support '-device' parameter.
  11. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Revert "Mac OS X: Use libtool --mode=execute instead of LD_LI…

    rwmjones authored
    This reverts commit 61c9ea4.
  12. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: podwrapper: Don't use Pod::Man.

    rwmjones authored
    This unfortunately means the man pages are generated as plain text.
    However that's necessary as Pod::Man does not have an output_string
  13. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: podwrapper: Remove HTML output.

    rwmjones authored
    It requires perl Pod::Simple::XHTML which did not exist in
    RHEL 5 era.
  14. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Add 1 second pause after unmounting any filesystem.

    rwmjones authored
    This fixes the test-charset-fidelity test case.  A simpler example
    which fails without this is:
      guestfish <<EOF
      sparse test1.img 1G
      part-disk /dev/sda mbr
      mkfs msdos /dev/sda1
      mount /dev/sda1 /
      touch /foo
      umount /
      mkfs ntfs /dev/sda1
      # Next command would fail:
      mount /dev/sda1 /
      vfs-type /dev/sda1 -x
  15. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Add mkisofs to package list.

    rwmjones authored
    This package contains the 'isoinfo' program which is required
    to implement the corresponding API and for tests to pass.
  16. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Remove Fedora MD test images.

    rwmjones authored
    On RHEL 5, mdadm is not able to create md devices with aliases,
    eg. '/dev/md/boot'.
  17. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: sparsify: Fix command line options for old qemu-img.

    rwmjones authored
    This didn't have -o backing_file etc.  Use old -b and -F options instead.
  18. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Fix blkid to return "LVM2_member" for PVs.

    rwmjones authored
    Old blkid in RHEL 5 didn't return the right thing for PVs.
  19. @rwmjones
  20. @rwmjones
  21. @rwmjones
  22. @rwmjones
  23. @rwmjones
  24. @rwmjones
  25. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Add gnulib utimensat module.

    rwmjones authored
    This function is missing in RHEL 5-era kernels.
  26. @rwmjones
  27. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Remove PHP bindings.

    rwmjones authored
  28. @rwmjones
  29. @rwmjones
  30. @rwmjones
  31. @rwmjones
  32. @rwmjones
  33. @rwmjones

    EPEL 5: Remove checks which fail with ancient qemu.

    rwmjones authored
    Note that g->app.qemu_version and g->app.qemu_devices will both
    be empty strings.
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