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Random contributions and things which don't fit in anywhere else

        The autobuild script that we use to build and test the
        tarballs on Debian and elsewhere.
        Run a Windows-compiled guestfsd under Wine.  Read the
        instructions at the top of this file carefully.

intro/ "Slides" for an intro to libguestfs.  This is a short (10-15
        min) talk that I give to introduce the main features of
        libguestfs.  The slides are in the form of a complete
        self-contained HTML page with a handful images that can be
        easily distributed before the talk.
        This Perl script allows you to run the test suite (ie.  'make
        check', 'make extra-tests' etc) on an installed RPM.  This is
        useful for adding another layer of testing to packages before
        we release them.  Note that a checked out copy of the source
        from git is required.  Read the top of the file before using.

        Tests for visualizing block device reads and writes and
        alignment using a patched qemu.  See the README file in that
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