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Fuzzing libnbd using the American Fuzzy Lop (afl) fuzzer
We can fuzz libnbd using the wrapper in this directory.
You will need to recompile libnbd with afl instrumentation:
./configure CC=/usr/bin/afl-gcc CXX=/usr/bin/afl-g++ \
--disable-shared --disable-ocaml --disable-python
make clean
The fuzzing/testcase_dir directory contains some initial testcases
that afl can use.
Run multiple copies of afl-fuzz. Usually you should run 1 master (-M)
and as many slaves (-S) as you can.
mkdir -p fuzzing/sync_dir
afl-fuzz -i fuzzing/testcase_dir -o fuzzing/sync_dir -M fuzz01 \
./fuzzing/libnbd-fuzz-wrapper @@
# replace fuzzNN with fuzz02, fuzz03, etc.
afl-fuzz -i fuzzing/testcase_dir -o fuzzing/sync_dir -S fuzzNN \
./fuzzing/libnbd-fuzz-wrapper @@
Test Coverage
To find out if the fuzzing is covering all of the code, I used afl-cov
( Usage is rather complex, so
consult the README of that project, but in brief:
(1) Create a second copy of the libnbd source, and compile it with
./configure CFLAGS="-O2 -g -pg -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage" \
--disable-shared --disable-ocaml --disable-python
make clean
(2) Assuming ../libnbd-afl is the libnbd source compiled with afl, and
the current directory is libnbd compiled with profiling, then run the
command below. You can run this even while afl-fuzz is running.
afl-cov -d ../libnbd-afl/fuzzing/sync_dir \
--code-dir . \
--coverage-cmd "fuzzing/libnbd-fuzz-wrapper AFL_FILE"
This will create an HTML test coverage report in
To report security bugs, see ‘SECURITY’ in the top source directory.
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