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ldscripts Update SECTIONS from linker scripts for binutils 2.19 compatibility Nov 25, 2008
tests tests/heapshrink: disable malloc per-thread cache for accuracy Sep 18, 2018
LGPL-2.1 Added copyright notices and LGPL invocation. Jan 9, 2006
NEWS Update NEWS for 2.21 release Sep 18, 2018
SubmittingCode Update docs with new mailing list Dec 4, 2015
alloc.c Fix error value handling in get_huge_pages Dec 16, 2010
elf32ppclinux.c make plt_extrasz library static Oct 21, 2008
elf64lppc.c ppc64le support (step2) create elf64lppc.c soft link of elf64ppc.c Feb 18, 2014
elflink.c Update for GCC 5 Jul 1, 2015
hugeadm.c Fix bug with negative memsizes of the format "-memsize<G|M|K>" Feb 15, 2015
hugectl.c RE: [Libhugetlbfs-devel] update for clipped LD_LIBRARY_PATH Dec 7, 2012
hugeedit.c DATA segment is executable on PPC32 Jul 5, 2018
hugetlbfs.h Use wasted bytes in get_hugepage_region() to place buffers at differe… Nov 10, 2008
hugeutils.c restrict is a reserved keyword in C99 Jun 30, 2015
init.c Separate finding page sizes from mount points Nov 29, 2010
init_privutils.c stop exporting kernel detection Oct 21, 2008
kernel-features.c kernel-features: ignore all none -pre/-rc pre-release strings Feb 23, 2014
kernel-features.h [RFC] Use the kernel version number to identify kernel functionality V2 Aug 5, 2008
ld.hugetlbfs ld.hugetlbfs: support 512M hugepages on aarch64 Feb 16, 2017
libhugetlbfs_internal.h libhugetlbfs: Remove segment-based alignment restrictions Aug 11, 2013
libhugetlbfs_privutils.h Add kernel feature check for MAP_HUGETLB Nov 29, 2010
libhugetlbfs_testprobes.h hugetlbfs default page size is cached so expose reset for testing Oct 28, 2008
mktarball mktarball: make valid tarballs from any commit Jun 5, 2007
morecore.c fix behavior while shrinking Feb 16, 2017
pagesize.c Fix typo in pagesize help output Nov 17, 2010
shm.c shm.c: Allow static linking with shmget() Jan 21, 2011
sys-aarch64elf.S set noexec markers in the asm file directly Dec 15, 2015
sys-armelf_linux_eabi.S set noexec markers in the asm file directly Dec 15, 2015
sys-elf64lppc.S ppc64le support (step3) sys-elf64ppc.S updated to support PowerPC ABI V2 Feb 18, 2014
sys-elf_i386.S set noexec markers in the asm file directly Dec 15, 2015
sys-elf_s390.S set noexec markers in the asm file directly Dec 15, 2015
version.c make libhugetlbfs_version file static Oct 21, 2008 Add get_hugepage_region() as a malloc-like interface that uses hugepages Nov 10, 2008


03 December 2015 -- Yet another mailing list move

librelist seems to be dead or at least broken.  I have recieved several
emails directly saying that patches were posted, but they never got
responses and the archives always seem empty.  So we are moving the list
again.  This from here on out we will be using

as our mailing list.  Please send patches to this list rather than
creating a pull request.

03 June 2015  -- libhugetlbfs to find new home

As part of the fall out from the recent hijacking various "unmaintained"
projects, I no longer wish to host this (or any other) project at
sourceforge.  Effective today, the new official home for libhugetlbfs
code is

The doubling of the name is unfortunate, but I wanted the repo to belong
to the org of the same name so there it is.

Please do not submit pull requests, they will be closed with a redirect
to the mailing list (see below) at best, or ignored completely at worst.

Tarballs of specific releases can still be downloaded using the github
Download ZIP button from the appropriate tag (or branch).  The mailing
list will now hosted at librelists and can be found at

For libhugetlbfs usage, see the HOWTO, for what has changed see NEWS,
and for how to work with the project see SubmittingCode

10/03/2006 -- libhugetlbfs-1.0 Released

After roughly one year in development, version 1.0 of libhugetlbfs is here.
It can be downloaded from SourceForge or the OzLabs mirror:

After a series of preview releases, we have tested a huge array of the
supported usage scenarios using benchmarks and real HPC applications.
Usability and reliability have greatly improved.  But... due to the
incredible diversity of applications that exist, there is bound to be a few
that will not work correctly.

If using libhugetlbfs makes your application slower:

 * Play around with the different combinations of hugetlb malloc and the
   two different supported link types to see which combination works best.

 * Keep in mind that huge pages are a niche performance tweak and are not
   suitable for every type of application.  They are specifically known to
   hurt performance in certain situations.

If you experience problems:

 * You've already read the HOWTO document, but read through it again.  It
   is full of hints, notes, warnings, and caveats that we have found over
   time.  This is the best starting point for a quick resolution to your

 * Make sure you have enough huge pages allocated.  Even if you think you
   have enough, try increasing it to a number you know you will not use.

 * Set HUGETLB_VERBOSE=99 and HUGETLB_DEBUG=yes.  These options increase
   the verbosity of the library and enable extra checking to help diagnose
   the problem.

If the above steps do not help, send as much information about the problem
(including all libhugetlbfs debug output) to and we'll help out as much as we
can.  We will probably ask you to collect things like: straces,
/proc/pid/maps and gdb back traces.