Material for the SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 short course on libigl
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Material for the SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 short course on libigl. The course is composed of two parts. An overview of the coding style and purposed of the library (available in the pptx slides in this repo), plus a live tutorial session.

Part 1: libigl overview

Part 2: How to use libigl as a header-only library

Libigl can be used as a header-only library, you can find an example of a simple application that computes mesh statistics in src/main_solution.cpp.

Part 3: How to use libigl with libigl-example-project

The recommended way to use libigl is by using the libigl-example-project repository.

Part 4: Advanced features

Part 5: Coding Tips

This is a short list of coding tips that will greatly reduce your pain and suffering before (and after) the SIGGRAPH deadline.

Released under the MPL2 License, Copyright Alec Jacobson and Daniele Panozzo