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Reading a file with varying face degree returned message "file not
found" even though the error was coming from something else.

Also fix the docstring that was incorrect.

Eventually we should fall back to the other overloads of igl::readOBJ
(potentially adding an optional argument to read_obj).

Fix #71

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New LibIGL Python Bindings

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This repository contains the source code for the new and improved LibIGL Python bindings. These bindings are fully compatible with NumPy and SciPy and offer a convenient interface similar to functions in those libraries.

These bindings are still under active development and should still be considered alpha quality. We encourage users to post issues so we can improve the bindings!


With Conda (Recommended)

The simplest and best way to install the new LibIGL Python bindings is to run:

conda install -c conda-forge igl

Compile from scratch (Not recommended)

If you wish to install the current master branch, you can compile the library from scratch, you can clone this repository and run the following command from the main directory:

python install

NOTE: We will not provide support for installations done in this way, since there is a lot of variation between systems. For a consistent experience, use conda.


  • A temporary tutorial on how to use the bindings can be found here
  • A temporary function reference can be found here

Compiling and modifying the bindiings

After cloning this repository, you can compile the bindings from scratch by running:

python develop


python build --debug develop

for debug compilation.

The above command will make the package igl available for import in the current shell.

To run the tests:

python test