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1.3.0 (2020-06-15)

Development release.


  • Rename --enable-debug-code configure option to --enable-debug
  • Rename library and all related files by adding an API version resulting in libimobiledevice-1.0


  • Add more lockdown error codes
  • Add new lockdownd_pair_with_options() function
  • Make sure sockets only listen locally due to security reasons
  • Plug various memory leaks
  • Optimize lockdown pair record handling
  • Store application information in Info.plist using idevicebackup2
  • Make idevicebackup2 reboot after restore the default to allow the device to migrate data correctly and thus improve the restored device data state
  • Improve console frontend information output in idevicebackup2
  • Extend ideviceprovision tool to allow retrieving and removing all provisioning profiles
  • Propagate lower level errors to callers instead of returning IDEVICE_E_UNKNOWN_ERROR
  • Detect screenshot format to support png, tiff and dat formats using idevicescreenshot tool
  • API: Add mobileactivation service implementation
  • Wait for passcode entry if required using idevicesyslog
  • Add HDMI option to diagnostics command for idevicediagnostics
  • Remove 40-digit character limit for UDID in tools to support newer devices
  • Migrate latest improved common code from libusbmuxd
  • Convert README file to markdown format
  • API: Add preboard service implementation
  • Output hint to user to enter passcode when changing password using idevicebackup2
  • API: Add WiFi device support via new idevice_new_with_options() function
  • API: Add idevice_get_device_list_extended() to also list network devices
  • API: Add lockdown_strerror() helper to get error representation as string
  • Add network device support to idevicesyslog and ideviceinfo tools
  • Make debug output consistently output to stderr
  • Add new idevicesetlocation tool (requires mounted developer image)
  • Add option to exit if device disconnects in idevicesyslog
  • API: Add syslog_relay_start_capture_raw() for raw syslog capture
  • Add color output and process filter support to idevicesyslog
  • API: Add companion_proxy service implementation
  • Bump dependency to libusbmuxd 2.0.2
  • Bump dependency to libplist 2.2.0
  • Improve error handling and reporting in library and tools
  • Add --network and --version options to all tools
  • Cython: Rewrite version detection logic in
  • Improve with project description, installation, contributing and usage sections
  • Bump soname version
  • Update man pages

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Python 3 support
  • Cython: Fix and improve debugserver and diagnostics service bindings
  • Fix GnuTLS support with iOS 10
  • Fix SSL version negotiation for newer versions of OpenSSL
  • Return proper error code when a lockdown pair record is missing
  • Fix building with MingGW
  • Fix application backup handling to allow the device to restore applications that were installed using idevicebackup2
  • Fix parsing large provisioning profile using ideviceprovision
  • Fix receiving large property lists in property list service
  • Fix IORegistry command for iOS 11+ devices in idevicediagnostics
  • Fix broken validate command in idevicepair with iOS 11+
  • Fix OpenSSL version checks for configure target when using LibreSSL
  • Fix idevicecrashreport tool to work with iOS 13+
  • Fix various errors in SSL communication logic
  • Fix various memory leaks in library and tools
  • Fix socket_connect_addr() not connecting to network devices using IPv6 in some cases.
  • Allow OpenSSL >= 1.1.0 to use older/disallowed TLS versions fixing issues where pairing records were getting removed repeatingly
  • Improve IPv6 "scope id" detection to fix connecting to network devices with link-local adresses
  • Fix various inconsistent declarations in public headers
  • Fixed memory leaks