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Project Owners
* Jordan Sissel (jordansissel)
* Pete Fritchman (fetep)
* Brice Figureau (masterzen)
* Vladimir Vuksan (vvuksan)
* Alexandre Dulaunoy (adulau)
* Ryan Ausanka-Crues (rausanka) / (startupseven)
* Piotr Usewicz (pusewicz)
* Charles Duffy (charles-dyfis-net)
* Naresh V (nareshov)
* John Vincent (lusis)
* Bob Corsaro (dokipen)
* kjoconnor
* Evgeny Zislis (kesor)
* Johan Venter
* Jeff Buchbinder (freemed)
* Dan Peterson (dpiddy)
* Nick Ethier (nickethier)
* Joel Merrick (joelio)
* Michael Leinartas (mleinart)
* Jesse Newland (jnewland)
* Yuval Oren (yuvaloren)
* cmclaughlin
* Graham Bleach (bleach)
* Jan Seidl (jseidl)
* Jean-Luc Geering (jlgeering)
* Avishai Ish-Shalom (avishai-ish-shalom)
Note: If you've sent me patches, bug reports, or other stuff for logstash, and
you aren't on the list above, and want to be, please let me know and I'll make
sure you're here. Contributions from folks like you are what make open source
the bomb.
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