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File metadata and controls

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JPEG XL software support

This document attempts to keep track of software that is using libjxl to support JPEG XL. This list serves several purposes:

  • thank/acknowledge other projects for integrating jxl support
  • point end-users to software that can read/write jxl
  • keep track of the adoption status of jxl
  • in case of a (security) bug in libjxl, it's easier to see who might be affected and check if they are updated (in case they use static linking)

Please add missing software to this list.


For all browsers and to track browsers progress see Can I Use.

Image libraries

Metadata manipulation libraries

OS-level support / UI frameworks / file browser plugins

Image editors

Image viewers

  • Aspect
  • ImageGlass
  • IrfanView; supported since 4.59 - requires a plugin to be downloaded and enabled.
  • jpegview
  • Swayimg
  • Tachiyomi
  • XnView
  • Any viewer based on Qt, KDE, GDK-pixbuf, EFL, ImageMagick, libvips or imlib2 (see above)
    • Qt viewers: gwenview, digiKam, KolourPaint, KPhotoAlbum, LXImage-Qt, qimgv, qView, nomacs, VookiImageViewer, PhotoQt
    • GTK viewers: Eye of Gnome (eog), gThumb, Geeqie
    • EFL viewers: entice, ephoto

Duplicate image finders

Online tools