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KTX: basic application utilities

Abstract ApplicationListener implementations and general LibGDX utilities.


LibGDX offers some basic ApplicationListener implementations in form of ApplicationAdapter and Game, but both are pretty basic. They do not handle screen clearing or fixed rendering time step, both of which often have to be set up manually in LibGDX applications. This module aims to provide a simple base for your custom ApplicationListener: if you do not have your favorite setup implemented just yet, it might be a good idea to base it on abstract classes provided by ktx-app.


ApplicationListener implementations

  • KtxApplicationAdapter is an ApplicationListener extension. Provides no-op implementations of all methods, without being an abstract class like com.badlogic.gdx.ApplicationAdapter.
  • KtxGame is a bit more opinionated Game equivalent that not only delegates all game events to the current Screen instance, but also ensures non-nullability of screens, manages screen clearing, and maintains screens collection, which allows switching screens while knowing only their concrete class. KtxScreen is an interface extending Screen that provides no-op method implementations, making all methods optional to override.

InputProcessor implementations

  • KtxInputAdapter is an InputProcessor extension. Provides no-op implementations of all methods, without being an abstract class like com.badlogic.gdx.InputAdapter.

Miscellaneous utilities

  • clearScreen is an inlined utility function that hides the OpenGL calls, allowing to clear the screen with a chosen color.
  • LetterboxingViewport combines ScreenViewport and FitViewport behavior: it targets a specific aspect ratio and applies letterboxing like FitViewport, but it does not scale rendered objects when resized, keeping them in fixed size similarly to ScreenViewport. Thanks to customizable target PPI value, it is ideal for GUIs and can easily support different screen sizes.
  • emptyScreen provides no-op implementations of Screen.

Usage examples

Implementing KtxApplicationAdapter:


class MyApplicationListener : KtxApplicationAdapter {
  // Implementation of all ApplicationListener methods is optional. Override the ones you need.

  override fun create() {
    // Load the assets...
  override fun render() {
    // ...and render your game.

Implementing KtxGame with one screen that displays text with Batch utilities from ktx-graphics:

import com.badlogic.gdx.Screen

class ExampleScreen : KtxScreen {
  // Notice no `lateinit var` - ExampleScreen has no create()
  // method and is constructed after LibGDX is fully initiated
  // in ExampleGame.create method.
  val font = BitmapFont()
  val batch = SpriteBatch().apply {
    color = Color.WHITE

  override fun render(delta: Float) {
    batch.use {
      font.draw(it, "Hello Kotlin!", 100f, 100f)

  override fun dispose() {
    // Will be automatically disposed of by the game instance.

/** ApplicationListener implementation. */
class ExampleGame : KtxGame<Screen>() {
  override fun create() {
    // Registering ExampleScreen in the game object: it will be
    // accessible through ExampleScreen class:
    // Changing current screen to the registered instance of the
    // ExampleScreen class:

Implementing KtxInputAdapter:


class MyInputListener : KtxInputAdapter {
  // Implementation of all ApplicationListener methods is optional. Handle the events you plan on supporting.

  override fun touchDown(screenX: Int, screenY: Int, pointer: Int, button: Int): Boolean {
    // Handle mouse click...
    return true

Creating and customizing a new LetterboxingViewport:


val viewport: Viewport = LetterboxingViewport(targetPpiX = 96f, targetPpiY = 96f, aspectRatio = 4f / 3f)
// Updating viewport on resize:
viewport.update(,, true)


There are some general purpose LibGDX utility libraries out there, but most lack first-class Kotlin support.

  • Kiwi is a general purpose Guava-inspired LibGDX Java utilities library with some classes similar to ktx-app.
  • LibGDX Markup Language allows to build Scene2D views using HTML-like syntax. It also features a custom ApplicationListener implementation, which helps with managing Scene2D screens.
  • Autumn MVC is a Spring-inspired model-view-controller framework built on top of LibGDX. It features its own ApplicationListener implementation, which initiates and handles annotated view instances.

Additional documentation