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LibLime Koha is the most mature of the open source ILS applications. Based on the ground-breaking 3.0 platform (derived from the original Koha offering of 1999), LibLime Koha is a completely web-based open source ILS, with library staff, systems librarians, and library users all accessing LibLime Koha through a web browser. Relying on the MySQL …
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Latest commit 3a51954 May 24, 2016 @briandfoy briandfoy committed with ctfliblime Adjust Business::ISBN dependency (#9)
Switched to a three digit minor version.


Liblime Koha 4 - the next-generation release of the award-winning Koha
open-source integrated library system -

Liblime Koha is distributed under the GNU GPL. Please read the file
LICENSE for more details.

To install or upgrade Koha, please see the INSTALL file.
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