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1999 HLT have a proprietary library system, with a y2k bug
1999 HLT send out RFP, no responses that would actually work over dialup links
1999 HLT and Katipo look for Opensource ILS, can't find one
September 6 1999 Work starts on Koha
September,October,December 1999 Katipo work with HLT to write an ILS.
1999 Olwen Williams does at lot of work on data conversion.
January 3 2000 Koha goes live after many sleepness nights and a few hundred commits
July 2000 Koha written about in Library Life NZ
July 13 2000 First post to the koha mailing list
July 21 2000 Koha 1.00 put up for download release
August 9 2000 Koha 1.01 released release
August 17 2000 First request for internationalisation from Poland translation
Auguest 19 2000 Koha 1.03 released release
October 9 2000 Koha 1.06 released release
October 17 2000 Koha wins 3M Innovation in Libraries award award
October 24 2000 "WebMedia, E-Loan collect awards",koha
October 27 2000 Koha wins "The best example of interactive media specifically made for community and not for profit organisations." Interactive NZ Award award
December 16 2000 Glen Stewart sends the first patch for Koha (outside of Katipo)
December 16 2000 Steve Tonnesen begins work on non-acquistions based cataloguing interface
December 21 2000 Chris Cormack returns from annual leave and Koha 1.07 is released award
December 21 2000 Koha is set up on
January 6 2001 Steve Tonnesen becomes the 5th committer to Koha and the first outside of Katipo, Koha has 874 commits at this point
January 13 2001 Glen Stewart sends patches to fix some bugs with acquisitions
January 19 2001 Steve Tonnesen begins work on web based circulations
February 16 2001 Koha developers mailing list set up
February 27 2001 Koha 1.1.0 released includes Web based circulations release
May 18 2001 Glen Stewart leaves his job and working on Koha, gives us cuecat decoding code as a parting gift.
June 15 2001 Work begins on importing/exporting MARC to/from koha
June 23 2001 Benedykt P. Barszcz working on translations translation, community, poland
June 24 2001 Pawel Skuza working on a script to automate translations translation
June 27 2001 Chris Cormack commits the script to automate translations translation
July 12 2001 Pawel Skuza becomes the 2nd committer outside of Katipo, and 6th overall and commits his translation script.
July 17 2001 Koha 1.1.1 released, including new translation script release
August 15 2001 Steve Tonessen has 5 Schools in BC using Koha
September 5 2001 Pawel Skuza submits new Polish images for use with Koha translation,poland
September 25 2001 Gerrit Niestijl installs Koha using Oracle
September 27 2001 Debian package available for debian deb local main apt-get update apt-get install koha
October 23 2001 Nicolas Rosasco starts work on a FAQ
November 1 2001 Can use Z3950 from Koha now
November 2 2001 Can successfully import MARC records
November 7 2001 Nicholas Rosasco publishes FAQ for Koha
November 8 2001 Steve Tonessen succeeds Chris Cormack as Release manager
January 24 2002 First message to the main koha list from Stephen Hedges at NPL
February 1 2002 First message to the main koha list from Paul Poulain
February 22 2002 Paul Poulain sends an email saying he will work on Koha
March 6 2002 Paul becomes the 7th committer to Koha
March 13 2002 Katipo's new developer Finlay Thompson becomes the 8th committer to Koha
March 14 2002 First email from Joshua Ferraro
March 20 2002 Roger Buck sets up the first Koha wiki
March 30 2002 Nicholas Rosasco begins work on a documentation site
April 2 2002 Pat Eyler introduces himself to the community
April 9 2002 Pat Eyler becomes 8th committer to Koha
April 14 2002 Chris Cormack asks Nicholas Rosasco to help coordinate the developers with him
April 10 2002 Gynn Lomax (of Katipo) becomes 9th committer to Koha
April 20 2002 irc channel #koha set up on
April 21 2002 Roger Buck becomes 10th committer to Koha
April 24 2002 Chris Cormack branches cvs to make rel-1-2 branch
April 24 2002 Pat Eyler starts a who's who page on the wiki
May 1 2002 Chris announces 1.2.0-rc1
May 8 2002 Paul Poulain sends his MARC support proposal to the devel list
May 11 2002 Steve Tonnesen outlines a structure for HTML::Template and the Koha templates
May 14 2002 Chris Cormack branches cvs and creates rel-1-4-marc branch for work on MARC
May 15 2002 Steve Tonnesen makes the irc logs publicly available
May 18 2002 Alan Millar becomes 11th committer to Koha
May 27 2002 Mike Mylonas becomes 12th committer to Koha
May 23 2002 Steve Tonnesen makes searchable logs of the irc channel available
May 23 2002 Koha 1.1.2rc1 released
May 28 2002 Rachel Hamilton-Williams puts up Katipo's Koha work on the wiki to avoid duplication of effort
May 30 2002 Meeting to elect Kaitiaki - Pat Eyler elected
June 6 2002 Chris Cormack announces Koha 1.2.0-rc2
June 7 2002 Pat sends his first from the Kaitiaki report
June 9 2002 Rachel Hamilton-Willams of Katipo sends access to the katipo cma to edit the new site
June 14 2002 First email to the koha-announce list
June 15 2002 First bug lodged in at 1.15pm
June 15 2002 First bug in bugzilla fixed at 2pm
June 15 2002 Koha 1.2.0 Released - Contains templates to make translation easier, Chris takes over release maintenance while Paul and Steve begin work for 1.4.0
June 17 2002 Koha mentioned in an article by Ben Ostrowsky about Linux/Open Source
June 18 2002 Pat Eyler starts a kohabiz mailing list
June 20 2002 Koha 1.2.1rc1 put up on
June 24 2002 Koha 1.2.1rc2 put up on
June 25 2002 Koha 1.2.1rc3 put on
June 28 2002 Pay for support page started on
July 5 2002 Koha 1.2.1 Released
July 10 2002 First email to the koha-translate mailing list
July 12 2002 Nicholas sets up a translation section on the wiki and a mailing list
July 19 2002 Koha mentioned in Linux Weekly News
July 26 2002 Koha 1.2.2 Released
August 2 2002 Koha translations of the README file in Bangla and Hindi received
August 5 2002 Rachel and Rosalie interviewed on National Radio in NZ
August 26 2002 Nelsonville public library announce their intention to migrate to Koha
September 3 2002 Nelsonville RFP's gain traction
September 11 2002 Philanthropy Australia goes live with koha
September 12 2002 Article about Koha and NPL in computerworld,koha
September 19 2002 Dorian Meid becomes the 13th committer to Koha
September 22 2002 Andrew Arensburger becomes the 14th committer to Koha, with the neat C4::Context
September 22 2002 Koha and NPL written about in Computerworld NZ
September 25 2002 Koha 1.3.0 released - Mulitple MARC flavours supported
September 27 2002 Koha mentioned in Biblio-Tech review
October 14 2000 Koha 1.3.1 released
October 16 2002 David Strainchamps 15th committer to Koha
October 16 2002 Koha 1.3.1 released
October 23-25 2002 NPL (Joshua Ferraro, Stephen Hedges & Owen Leonard) plus Chris Cormack at Ohio Library conference, Columbus
October 30-31 2002 Chris Cormack speaks at Think Linux Toledo, Chris, Joshua Ferraro and Stephen Hedges man a stand
November 14 2002 Henri-Damien Laurent becomes 16th committer to Koha
Novemer 21 2002 Kohausers page is started
November ?? 2002 Chawner, Brenda. 2002. Koha: an open source success story.
November 30 2002 Francisco M. Marzoa Alonso 17th committer to Koha
December 2 2002 Koha 1.3.2 released ??
Decemeber 6 2002 Koha mentioned in an article about opensource in American Libraries
December 6 2002 First known install in france ND-Dombes Abbey
December ?? 2002 Koha 1.2.3 released
December 13 2002 Rob Weir posts links to his Windows32 packages, begins the lifelong task of preparing windows packages
January 6 2003 Andy?? becomes 18th committer to Koha
January 8 2003 Koha 1.3.3 released
January 12 2003 Benedict finishes the translation of the templates into polish translation, polish
January 19 2003 Ambrose Li becomes the 19th committer to Koha
February 1 2003 Article from Pat Eyler about Koha in linux Journal
February 4 2003 Koha Cafepress shop opens.
February 5 2003 Koha 1.9.0 is released, 2.0.0 becomes much closer
February 13 2003 "Open source library system a welcome gift",koha
February 17 2003 Mike Hansen becomes the 20th committer to Koha
February ?? 2003 Nicolas Morin tells us that Koha was mentioned in the French monthly periodical ARCHIMAG
February 26 2003 Helena Gironès begins work on a Catalan translation translation, catalan
March 11 2003 Ingrid Lacis appointed QA Manager
March 11 2003 Steve Tonnesen appointed Release Manager for 2.1/2.2, Paul Poulain later takes over this role
March 28 2003 Koha-testing mailing list set up
April 5 2003 Al Banks becomes the 21st committer to Koha
April 5 2003 Koha 1.9.1 released
April 11 2003 Rob Weir updates the Koha windows packages, now a few clicks to do an install
April 12 2003 Koha 1.9.2 released
April 16 2003 Paul Poulain presents on Koha at "Open Source Software in Libraries" at enssib (the French National School for librarians -
May 3 2003 Dorian Meid translate the opac into German translation, german
May 9 2003 Ingrid resigns as QA manager
May 15 2003 Pat Eyler, Steve Tonnesen and Chris Cormack add RSS support to Koha
May 21 2003 M J Ray becomes the 22nd committer to Koha
May 22 2003 Paul Poulain commits new bulkmarcimport tool to Koha
May 22 2003 Koha 1.9.3 released
May 26 2003 Koha wins Trophee Du Libre Award
June 8-23 Rachel and Chris from Katipo go to Vienna to do Koha training for UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation)
June 17 2003 Serge Renaux becomes the 23rd committer to Koha
June 20 2003 Jerome Vizcaino becomes the 24th committer to Koha
June 21 2003 Paul Gear makes available rpm's of all of Koha's dependencies
June 23 2003 Michel Lerenard becomes the 25th committer to Koha
June 24 2003 Koha 2.0.0pre1 released
June 24 2003 Joshua Ferraro becomes the 26th committer to Koha
July 9 2003 Pierre Cauchois becomes the 27th committer to Koha
July 11 2003 Koha 2.0.0pre2 released
July 17 2003 Students at ESIEE develop a feature to allow Koha to use LDAP to authenticate
July 17 2003 Ecole des mines de Paris commit to using Koha
July 17 2003 The University of Buffalo decide to use Koha as a teaching tool for Library and Information Studies Students
August 19 2003 NPL announces they are live with Koha
August 26 2003 Richard Anderson (at Katipo) becomes the 28th committer to Koha
September 9 2003 Koha 2.0.0pre3 released
September 23 2003 Koha 2.0.0pre4 released
October 1 2003 Koha mentioned by Prime Minister of NZ when she was talking to the Chamber of Commerce
October 3-5 2003 Open communication for open source software develoment: the Koha experience. Paper read at LITA National Forum, at Norfolk, VA.
October 25 2003 Koha 2.0.0pre5 released
November 1 2003 Owen Leonard becomes the 29th committer to Koha
November 7 2003 2 articles about Koha on webjunction New Zealand Leads the Way: the Horowhenua Open Source Story and Nelsonville Public Library: Questions and Answers About Open Source
December 4 2003 Koha 2.0.0rc1 released
December 5 2003 Paul Poulain commits a new translation tool
December 12 2003 Koha has been used as an example in a recent study of Open Source Development commissioned by the World Bank Group
December 16 2003 Chris Cormack branches cvs creates rel_2_0 branch
Jan 6 2004 Joshua Ferraro begins work on installation manual
Jan 10 2004 Joshua Ferraro adds a simple z3950 server
Jan 21 2004 Koha 2.0.0rc2 released
Jan 29 2004 Paul Poulain announces release of 2.0.0rc3
Feb 11 2004 Paul Poulain announces release of 2.0.0rc4
Feb 19 2004 Stephen Hedges provides his migrating to Koha documentation to the community
Mar 7 2004 Installation guide improved and released in pdf format
Mar 30 2004 Baiju M provides a neat migrating from CDS/ISIS to Koha document
April 1 20004 Koha 2.0.0 released
April 17 2004 Nicholas S. Rosasco resurrects and updates the FAQ
April 17 2004 Seminar on Koha at Cairo University, Egypt
May 13-16 2004 Zeki Celikbas presents Koha at a linux festival in Ankara, Turkey
May 25 2004 doXulting becomes the 30th committer to Koha
May 29 2004 Brooke adds the Newbie Guide to the wiki, newbies around the world rejoice
May 31 2004 "When profit's not the only goal",koha
June 3 2004 M J Ray (release maintainer for 2.0.x) starts expirementing with using arch for Koha version control
June 4 2004 Paul commits first cut at online help
June 23 2004 Ecole des Mines de Nantes funds the development of a suggestions module, to work with acquisitions
June 24 2004 "And the winners are ...",koha
June 25 2004 Koha wins Computerworld excellence in IT for nonprofit Award
June 30 2004 Koha 2.1.0 released
June 30 2004 MJ Ray announces Koha 2.0.1beta2 released
June 30 2004 Christopher Brown-Syed emails to tell us Koha and University of Buffalo are continuin their relationship
July 7 2004 Paul Poulain uses some of the suggestions from University of Buffalo to improve MARC support in Koha
August 18 2004 Stephen Hedges becomes the 31st committer to Koha
August 19 2004 Koha 2.1.1 released
August 26 2004 Katipo installing Koha at Lianza conference (as well as presenting)
September 1 2004 Martín Longo starts work on translating Koha to spanish translation, spanish
September 24 2004 Rachel Hamilton-Williams elected Kaitiaki
September 29 2004 Koha 2.1.2 released
September 29 2004 Joshua Ferraro presents at OLC
October 2 2004 Paul Poulain announces the birth of his 3rd son :)
October 20 2004 Koha 2.1.3 released
October 29 2004 Koha 2.0.2beta released
October 29 2004 Gerry Arthus starts work on a Turkish translation translation, turkish
November 17 2004 Koha 2.2.0rc1 released
November 17 2004 M J Ray releases Koha 2.0.2
November 20 2004 Koha 2.2.0rc2 released
November 23 2004 Koha 2.2.0rc3 released
December 9 2004 Koha 2.2.0rc4 released
December 21 2004 Koha 2.2.0rc5 released
January 2 2005 New document on "Installing Koha on Fedora" by Joshua Ferraro
January 6 2005 Koha 2.2.0 released
January 18 2005 Rachel Hamilton-Williams designs a new Koha logo
February 1-3 2005 Chris Cormack, Rachel Hamilton-Williams and Russel Garlick demonstrate Koha and man a stand at Alia Online, in Australia. Irma Birchall helps out also.
February 6 2005 Koha 2.2, Software Overview and Description of Features -- is now available on
February 7 2005 Paul Poulain announces he has hired Henri Damien Laurent to work with him on Koha
February 10 2005 "Koha Architectural Study" by Nicholas Rosasco and Erik Bakke. New doc on
February 22 2005 Koha 2.2.1 released
March 10 2005 Matti Lassila writes to say work is continuing on a Finnish translation translation, finnish
April 7 2005 Lars ?? translates the MARC21 labels to swedish translation, swedish
April 8 2005 Koha 2.2.2 released
April 13 2005 Liblime announce they are providing Koha support
April 19 2005 Shaun Evans becomes the 32nd committer to Koha
April 24 2005 Set Parameters and Migrate Your Data to Koha 2.2, English translation of Paul Poulain's Paramétrer et migrer, by Regula Sebastiao. On
April 26 2005 Koha 2.2.2b released
May 2 2005 Koha translated to Swedish translation,sweden
May 6 2005 Argentinian start work on customising Koha for use in Argentinian Universities Argentina
May 8 2005 Stephen Hedges starts work on 2.2 Users guide
May 15 2005 New document on "Command-line scripts," Jared Jennings' translation of Paul Poulain's original French document. Look for it in section 2.3 "Maintenance and Troubleshooting."
May 20 2005 Stephen Hedges publishes his Koha Diary on
May 20 2005 Joshua Ferraro appointed Release Manager for 2.4
May 20 2005 Russel Garlick updates
May 23 2005 Website Design committee mooted
May 23 2005 Koha mentioned in Linux Today
May 25 2005 #koha-fr channel started on irc community, french
May 25 2005 Chris Cormack commits some Plucene scripts in cvs Head and Joshua Ferraro does some testing search, fulltext
May 26 2005 Koha webdesign IRC meeting website
May 31 2005 Bugsquashing session
June 2 2005 Waylon Robertson becomes the 33rd committer to Koha
June 3 2005 Gavin ?? becomes the 34th committer to Koha
June 3 2005 Joshua Ferraro and Chris Cormack discuss trying out Koha for fulltext search on irc searching, fulltext
June 3 2005 Friedrich zur Hellen becomes the 35th committer to Koha
June 5 2005 Joshuaexpirements with Zebra, finds very positive and encouraging results searching, fulltext
June 13 2005 Catalogue KOHA : mode d’emploi (in French) by the Bibliothèque de sociologie du CNRS, Paris is published on
June 13 2005 After more discussion on irc, Joshua Ferraro sets up a test site using zebra on liblime servers search, fulltext, liblime
June 14 2005 Draft coding guidelines published
June 23 2005 Paul releases 2.2.3
June 23 2005 'Traducción de “Templates” de KOHA' by Martin Longo published on kohadocs
June 25-28 2005 Liblime present Koha at ALA
July 4 2005 Paul Poulain proposes we rename Koha 2.4 to be 3.0
July 5 2005 Bug 1000 registered at
July 6 2005 koha-zebra mailing list created
July 12 2005 The first chapter of the Koha Users Guide -- "Setting Up Your Koha System" -- is now available in the "General Information" section of
July 12 2005 M J Ray sets up Planet Koha
July 13 2005 hatem ibraheem writes to say that MSA university (Modern Sience and Arts university) using Koha community, library, Egypt
August 13 2005 "Koha Coding Standards and Guidelines for Contributors." on documentation
August 18 2005 An expanded version of the first chapter of the Koha Users Guide is now available at documentation
August 19 2005 Mason James (at Katipo) becomes the 36th committer to Koha
August 23 2005 A new document is available on -- "MARC Holdings, Koha, and Migration" by Thomas Dukleth. Look for it in section 2.2, "Migration." documentation
August 26 2005 A new link to a document has been added to -- "Gestion de la bibliothèque du LabSAD avec le logiciel Koha" by Caroline Naget (available in pdf format only). This document is in the General Information section because it covers several aspects of Koha: installing on Gentoo Linux, setting parameters, and use.
September 8 2005 New website softlaunched
September 12-14 2005 Katipo and Koha at LIANZA conference
September 20 2005 Сергій Дубик starts work on a Ukranian translation translation, ukranian
October 6 2005 New website
October 10 2005 Koha 2.2.4 Released
October 19 2005 Manuel d’utilisation de Koha by "Boris Gapihan, Christelle Le Borgne, Fabien Malclès, Marie-France Palestro (élèves conservateurs à l'ENSSIB, promotion DCB14)" up on
October 29 2005 Horowhenua Library Trust goes live with Koha 2.2.4 (the 2nd upgrade)
October 31 2005 Dr Internet Recommends Koha
November 4 2005 Carol Ku confirms you can search in Chinese in Koha
November 6 2005 The French-language Koha users guide, "Manuel d’utilisation de Koha," is now available in DocBook xml, html, pdf, and OpenDocument formats in the General Information section of
November 8 2005 Koha cvs moved to savannah from sourceforge, mailing lists follow
November 14 2005 Anthony Youngman suggests using git
November 27 2005 A new version of the Koha 2.2 Users Guide is now available on (in the General Information section)
December 11 2005 Joshua Ferraro becomes the 37th committer to Koha
December 13 2005 Thomas Dukleth becomes the 38th committer to Koha
January 10 2006 Koha version 2.2.5 is released
January 13 2006 Henri Damien Laurent announces new French Koha website
January 17 2006 New material has been added to the Koha Users Guide to bring it up to date with version 2.2.5. There is also new material on acquiring MARC records (Z39.50 and file imports) and templating. View the Users Guide at
January 21 2006 "Australian open source conference comes to NZ",koha
January 23 2006 "Maddogs and Africans descend on Dunedin",koha
January 25 2006 Chris Cormack is invited speaker at Linux Conf Australia
January 26 2006 Chris Cormack is interviewed for Otago Daily times, and for the National Television news, talking about Koha
January 26 2006 A new document added to -- "Installing Koha on Mac OS X" by Stephen Hedges.
January 27 2006 the first Chinese (Traditional) document on : Koha 2.2 簡介 -- a translation of Paul Poulain's Logiciel documentaire by 毛 慶禎 (Anthony Mao)
February 4 2006 Joshua Ferraro commits first cut of Amazon content integration with Koha
February 6 2006 IRC meeting
February 11 2006 Article in computerworld about Koha,koha
February 23 2006 Robert Lyon (working at Katipo) becomes the 39th committer to Koha
February 24 2006 Tümer Garip writes inventory management tool
February 27 2006 "Fear and loathing: is open source a developer's dream or business nightmare?",koha
March 3 2006 Paul Poulain commits the holiday management code written by Tümer Garip
March 6 2006 First email to the devel list from Pierrick Le Gall from INEO
March 6 2006 IRC meeting
March 7 2006 Pierrick Le Gall becomes the 40th committer to Koha
March 13 2006 IRC meeting
March 17 2006 First email from Kyle Hall at ccfls to the Mailing list
March 24 2006 Joshua Ferraro has revised his document about installing Koha on Debian to accommodate Koha version 2.2.6 and Debian sarge (3.1). Find it on under "System Administration." documentation
April 3 2006 Developer meeting on IRC
April 11 2006 Tümer Garip becomes the 41st committer to Koha (major influence in the addition of zebra to Koha and other)
April 14 2006 Pierrick Le Gall begins as translation manager
May 2,3 2006 Kohacon in Paris
May 12 2006 Bruno Tuomi (from San Ouest Provence) becomes the 42nd committer to Koha
May 12-18 2006 Developers week at Bibliotheque du Centre de Mathematiques et Informatique (CMI) at the Universite de Provence, in Marseille
May 19 2006 Arnaud Laurin (also from SAN-OP) becomes the 43rd committer to Koha
May 31 2006 First email from Mike Hafen to the devel list
June 1 2006 Antoine Farnault hired by Paul Poulain and Henri Damien Laurent to work on Koha
June 5 2006 IRC meeting
July 5 2006 Antoine Farnault becomes the 44th committer to Koha
July 12 2006 Koha 2.3.0 released release
July 18 2006 Katipo starts a dedicated Koha team.
July 18 2006 Paolo Pozzan starts translating koha to Italian translation, italian
August 2 2006 Koha 2.2.6rc2 released release
August 3 2006 Kyle Hall announces he has finished his offline circ addon for firefox
August 8 2006 Pierrick Le Gall resigns as QA manager
August 30 2006 Antoine Farnault branches cvs creates rel_3_0 branch
October 3 2006 Rangitikei Library launches new site, featuring Koha. It's opened by the Minister for Libraries from the NZ Government
October 9-11 2006 Katipo at LIANZA demonstrating Koha, Russel Garlick presents
October 17 2006 Koha 2.2.6 released
November 11 2006 Han Yan emails to tell the list that The Afghanistan Union catalog was built on top of Koha with some modifications such as Arabic support and label printing etc.
November 23 2006 Paul Poulain announces Koha 2.2.7 has been released
December 19 2006 chinese(zh_TW) translation of koha translation, chinese, taiwan
January 10 2007 Italian Translation updated translation, italian
January 10 2007 new chinese, japanese & korean translations translation, chinese, japanese, korean
January 11 2007 Tag cloud and new browsing feature added to Koha
January 17 2007 goes live, Thanks to Pierrick Le Gall for the extensions manager.
February 15 2007 Frédéric Demians from Tamil announces plan to offer support services around Koha
March 8 2007 Koha 2.2.8 released
March 10 2007 Ryan Higgins (of Liblime) becomes the 45th committer to Koha
March 12 2007 "Software development benefits from open source",koha
March 17 2007 Liblime accepted to google summer of code, call out to the mailing list for project ideas
March 28 2007 Passini becomes the 46th committer to Koha
March 31 2007 Katipo sells Koha division to Liblime
April 1 2007 Russel Garlick, Chris Cormack and Mason James start at Liblime
April 10 2007 Agnes Imecs begins work on a Hungarian translation of Koha translation, hungarian
May 8 2007 Koha 2.2.9 released release
May 29 2007 Karen Myers begins work on a Tetun translation translation, tetun
June 5 2007 Rachel Hamilton-Williams explains the logo
June 13 2007 Koha presented at Fourteenth International Conference “Crimea 2007”
June 18 2007 First Koha day at Liblime
June 24 2007 The Crawford County Federated Library System host an Organizational Meeting of a Koha User Group during ALA
June 25 2007 Second Koha day
June 25 2007 Beda Szukics announces updates to the german translations translation, german
July 3 2007 Koha day
July 28 2007 Koha day
September 14 2007 Russel Garlick becomes the 47th committer to Koha
September 24 2007 Chris Hammond-Trashor emails to tell the community that Koha has gone live in Samoa.
October 2 2007 "Pharmac publishes directly with open source",koha
October 3 2007 Joe Atzberger becomes the 48th committer to Koha
October 3 2007 Chris Catalfo becomes the 49th committer to Koha
October 4 2007 Biblibre formed
October 10 2007 Frederic Demians becomes the 50th committer to Koha
October 12 2007 Axel Bojer working on Norwegian translation translation, norwegian
October 17 2007 Galen Charlton becomes the 51st committer to Koha
October 18 2007 Chris Cormack wins Open Source contributor of the year at the NZ Open Source awards. Koha was a finalist for project of the year
October 30 2007 "Open source is a viable option, says the SSC",koha
November 6 2007 Chris Nighswonger becomes the 52nd committer to Koha developer
December 21 2007 Daniel Banzli becomes the 53rd committer to Koha developer
January 5 2008 Koha 3.0.0 Alpha is released release
January 28 2008 Anousak Souphavanh working on a Lao translation of Koha translation, lao
February 23 2008 Jesse Weaver becomes the 54th committer to Koha developer
March 3 2008 Russel Garlick, Chris Cormack and Mason James leave Liblime Liblime NZ closed
March 11 2008 Kurt Debrouwer working on a Dutch translation translation, dutch
March 12 2009 Vladimir Mircevski working on a Serbian translation translation, serbian
March 19 2008 Andrew Moore becomes the 55th committer to Koha developer
March 23 2008 Koha 3.0.0 Beta is released
April 2 2008 Darrell Ulm becomes the 56th committer to Koha developer
April 5 2008 Koha 3.0.0 Beta 2 is released
April 7 2008 Bug 2000 registered at
April 13 2008 Voting opens for new Koha website theme
April 24 2008 Marc Chantreux becomes the 57th committer to Koha developer
April 24 2008 Marijana Glavica working on a Croatian translation translation, croatian
April 25 2008 Frère Sébastien Marie becomes the 58th committer to Koha developer
April 26 2008 Polytechnic University Koha Installation becomes the 59th committer to Koha developer
May 6 2008 NCE becomes the 60th committer to Koha developer
May 18 2008 Koha production??? becomes the 61st committer to Koha developer
May 28 2008 Michael Hafen becomes the 62nd committer to Koha developer
June 17 2008 Daniel Kahn Gillmor becomes the 63rd committer to Koha developer
June 21 2008 Ricardo Dias Marques becomes the 64th committer to Koha developer
June 24 2008 String freeze for Koha 3.0.0 announced
June 24 2008 Koha 3.0.0 rc1 released
July 2008 Nicole Engard releases the Koha 3.0.0 manual on Google Sites
July 1 2008 Philippe Jaillon becomes the 65th committer to Koha developer
July 4 2008 DeAndre Carroll becomes the 66th committer to Koha developer
July 8 2008 Draft manual for koha 3.0.0 made available
July 11 2008 Nicole Engard becomes the 67th committer to Koha developer
July 28 2008 "Enterprise doors open for open source",koha
August 2 2008 Danny Bouman becomes the 68th committer to Koha developer
August 8 2008 Southeastern University becomes the 69th committer to Koha developer
August 11 2008 Koha 3.0.0 released
August 11 2008 Delhi public library announce they are going live with Koha 3.0.0
August 16 2008 Vincent Danjean becomes the 70th committer to Koha developer
August 31 2008 Kyle hall makes a VMWare image of Koha 3.0.0 available September 13 2008, Community Meeting, new positions elected 3.2 Release Manager - Galen Charlton, LibLime Translation Manager - Chris Cormack, Catalyst Documentation Manager - Nicole Engard, LibLime 3.0 Release Maintainer - Henri-Damien Laurent, BibLibre
September 19 2008 Clay Fouts becomes the 71st committer to Koha developer
October 2 2008 Delhi Public Library goes live with koha 3.0.0
October 15 2008 Nahuel Angelinetti becomes the 72nd committer to Koha developer
October 23 2008 Allen Reinmeyer becomes the 73rd committer to Koha developer
October 23 2008 John Beppu becomes the 74th committer to Koha developer
November 3 2008 Rosalie Blake named a LIANZA Fellow
November 18 2008 David Schuster moots the idea of a Koha conference in April 2009
December 19 2008 Andy Giesler writes a great guide to installing Koha on Ubuntu
December 24 2008 Stan Brinkerhoff becomes the 75th committer to Koha developer
January 16 2009 Daniel Sweeney becomes the 76th committer to Koha developer
January 24 2009 KUDOS (Koha Users and Developers of Open Source) for those using the software, Meeting at ALA
January 24 2009 KOHA Interest Group Meeting at ALA
February 5 2009 Koha 3.0.1 beta released
February 6 2009 J. David Bavousett becomes the 77th committer to Koha developer
February 10 2009 Andrew Elwell becomes the 78th committer to Koha developer
February 13 2009 K's Helping Hand launched
February 13-14 2009 Prashant Kulkarni and Krishnan Mani present Koha at Gnunify 09
February 19 2009 Koha 3.0.1 released
March 3 2009 Brian Harrington becomes the 79th committer to Koha developer
March 3 2009 Bug 3000 registered at
March 5 2009 James Winter becomes the 80th committer to Koha developer
March 5 2009 Stephen Edwards becomes the 81st committer to Koha developer
March 12 2009 Biblibre start work on a connector for SOPAC (the social opac) and Koha
April 9 2009 Delhi public Library opens its first computerised sub branch at Vinobha Puri India
April 16-17 2009 Kohacon 2009 in Plano, Texas, USA
April 18-20 2009 Developer conference/hackfest Plano, Texas, USA
April 18 2009 Brendan A. Gallagher narrowly beats Jane to become the 82nd committer developer
April 18 2009 Jane Wagner becomes the 83rd committer developer
April 19 2009 Cory Jaeger becomes the 84th committer developer
April 23 2009 Christopher Hyde becomes the 85th committer to have a patch pushed into the main repository developer
April 24 2009 David Goldfein becomes the 86th committer to have a patch pushed into the main repository developer
April 29 2009 Garry Collum becomes the 87th committer to have a patch pushed into the main repository developer
April 29 2009 Liz Rea becomes the 88th committer to have a patch pushed into the main repository developer
April 29 2009 Lenora Oftedahl sets up an SQL library on the koha wiki, users rejoice, and lo a multitude of reports are added
May 1 2009 Colin Campbell becomes the 89th committer to have a patch pushed into the main repository developer
May 1 2009 David Birmingham becomes the 90th committer to have a patch pushed into the main repository developer
May 6 2009 IRC meeting
May 7 2009 Maintenance tree created on for testing for 3.0.2
May 21 2009 Andrei V. Toutoukine becomes the 91st committer to have a patch accepted in Koha developer
May 28 2009 Rick Welykochy becomes the 92nd committer to have a patch accepted developer
May 28 2009 Zeno Tajoli becomes the 93rd committer to have a patch accepted developer
May 29 2009 Matthias Meusburger becomes the 94th committer to have patch accepted developer
June 3 2009 Savitra Sirohi becomes the 95th committer to have a patch accepted developer,India
June 4 2009 Koha 3.0.2 released releases
June 8 2009 Koha passed 10,000 commits in the master branch (since December 2000) statistics
June 26 2009 Koha 3.0.3 released releases
July 30 2009 First message to koha-commits mailing list
August 1 2009 Sébastien Hinderer becomes the 96th committer to have a patched accepted developer,france
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