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if you
- just installed a fresh debian etch
- want to install koha
- don't want to strugle with apt configuration, weird dependancies conflit,
and cpan install modules
this script does it for you
french doc. is more detailled for the moment (i apologize).
Even if etch is always prefered, this script installs some lenny packages.
If you don't want to mix distribs for any reason, please don't use this script.
locales have to be allready configured configured
/!\ koha needs a local MTA. By default, courier-mta will be installed.
I recommend postfix but i won't decide for you (the choice of the MTA
relies on too many parameters).
if you want to know the alternatives, type
aptitude search '~Dprovides:mail-transport-agent'
- edit the first lines of the script to set some environement variables
(you can also use export to set variables out of the script)
- from the shell, type
sh install_koha_from_on_fesh_etch [install flags]
flags are
t: install koha from release or beta tarballs (default is git)
b: install koha from beta tarballs (default is git)
c: debian is still configured. It means that you exactly know the
required sources and the script asumes that those sources are
- answer to the questions
it's ready to use ...
- improve this documentation
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