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package C4::Breeding;
# Copyright 2000-2002 Katipo Communications
# This file is part of Koha.
# Koha is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
# terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
# Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later
# version.
# Koha is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
# WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR
# A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
# Koha; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place,
# Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
use strict;
use warnings;
use C4::Biblio;
use C4::Koha;
use C4::Charset;
use MARC::File::USMARC;
use C4::ImportBatch;
# set the version for version checking
$VERSION = 0.02;
require Exporter;
@ISA = qw(Exporter);
@EXPORT = qw(&ImportBreeding &BreedingSearch);
=head1 NAME
C4::Breeding : module to add biblios to import_records via
the breeding/reservoir API.
use C4::Scan;
C<$marcrecord> => the MARC::Record
C<$overwrite_biblio> => if set to 1 a biblio with the same ISBN will be overwritted.
if set to 0 a biblio with the same isbn will be ignored (the previous will be kept)
if set to -1 the biblio will be added anyway (more than 1 biblio with the same ISBN
possible in the breeding
C<$encoding> => USMARC
or UNIMARC. used for char_decoding.
If not present, the parameter marcflavour is used instead
C<$z3950random> => the random value created during a z3950 search result.
ImportBreeding import MARC records in the reservoir (import_records/import_batches tables).
the records can be properly encoded or not, we try to reencode them in utf-8 if needed.
works perfectly with BNF server, that sends UNIMARC latin1 records. Should work with other servers too.
=head2 ImportBreeding
TODO description
sub ImportBreeding {
my ($marcrecords,$overwrite_biblio,$filename,$encoding,$z3950random,$batch_type) = @_;
my @marcarray = split /\x1D/, $marcrecords;
my $dbh = C4::Context->dbh;
my $batch_id = 0;
if ($batch_type eq 'z3950') {
$batch_id = GetZ3950BatchId($filename);
} else {
# create a new one
$batch_id = AddImportBatch('create_new', 'staging', 'batch', $filename, '');
my $searchisbn = $dbh->prepare("select biblioitemnumber from biblioitems where isbn=?");
my $searchissn = $dbh->prepare("select biblioitemnumber from biblioitems where issn=?");
# FIXME -- not sure that this kind of checking is actually needed
my $searchbreeding = $dbh->prepare("select import_record_id from import_biblios where isbn=? and title=?");
# $encoding = C4::Context->preference("marcflavour") unless $encoding;
# fields used for import results
my $imported=0;
my $alreadyindb = 0;
my $alreadyinfarm = 0;
my $notmarcrecord = 0;
my $breedingid;
for (my $i=0;$i<=$#marcarray;$i++) {
my ($marcrecord, $charset_result, $charset_errors);
($marcrecord, $charset_result, $charset_errors) =
MarcToUTF8Record($marcarray[$i]."\x1D", C4::Context->preference("marcflavour"), $encoding);
# warn "$i : $marcarray[$i]";
# FIXME - currently this does nothing
my @warnings = $marcrecord->warnings();
if (scalar($marcrecord->fields()) == 0) {
} else {
my $oldbiblio = TransformMarcToKoha($dbh,$marcrecord,'');
# if isbn found and biblio does not exist, add it. If isbn found and biblio exists,
# overwrite or ignore depending on user choice
# drop every "special" char : spaces, - ...
$oldbiblio->{isbn} = C4::Koha::_isbn_cleanup($oldbiblio->{isbn}); # FIXME C4::Koha::_isbn_cleanup should be public
# search if biblio exists
my $biblioitemnumber;
if ($oldbiblio->{isbn}) {
($biblioitemnumber) = $searchisbn->fetchrow;
} else {
if ($oldbiblio->{issn}) {
($biblioitemnumber) = $searchissn->fetchrow;
if ($biblioitemnumber && $overwrite_biblio ne 2) {
} else {
# FIXME - in context of batch load,
# rejecting records because already present in the reservoir
# not correct in every case.
# search in breeding farm
if ($oldbiblio->{isbn}) {
($breedingid) = $searchbreeding->fetchrow;
} elsif ($oldbiblio->{issn}){
($breedingid) = $searchbreeding->fetchrow;
if ($breedingid && $overwrite_biblio eq '0') {
} else {
if ($breedingid && $overwrite_biblio eq '1') {
ModBiblioInBatch($breedingid, $marcrecord);
} else {
my $import_id = AddBiblioToBatch($batch_id, $imported, $marcrecord, $encoding, $z3950random);
$breedingid = $import_id;
return ($notmarcrecord,$alreadyindb,$alreadyinfarm,$imported,$breedingid);
=head2 BreedingSearch
($count, @results) = &BreedingSearch($title,$isbn,$random);
C<$title> contains the title,
C<$isbn> contains isbn or issn,
C<$random> contains the random seed from a z3950 search.
C<$count> is the number of items in C<@results>. C<@results> is an
array of references-to-hash; the keys are the items from the C<import_records> and
C<import_biblios> tables of the Koha database.
sub BreedingSearch {
my ($title,$isbn,$z3950random) = @_;
my $dbh = C4::Context->dbh;
my $count = 0;
my ($query,@bind);
my $sth;
my @results;
$query = "SELECT import_record_id, file_name, isbn, title, author
FROM import_biblios
JOIN import_records USING (import_record_id)
JOIN import_batches USING (import_batch_id)
if ($z3950random) {
$query .= "z3950random = ?";
} else {
if ($title) {
$query .= "title like ?";
if ($title && $isbn) {
$query .= " and ";
if ($isbn) {
$query .= "isbn like ?";
$sth = $dbh->prepare($query);
while (my $data = $sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
$results[$count] = $data;
# FIXME - hack to reflect difference in name
# of columns in old marc_breeding and import_records
# There needs to be more separation between column names and
# field names used in the templates </soapbox>
$data->{'file'} = $data->{'file_name'};
$data->{'id'} = $data->{'import_record_id'};
} # while
return($count, @results);
} # sub breedingsearch
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