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package C4::Stock; #asummes C4/
use strict;
require Exporter;
use C4::Database;
# set the version for version checking
$VERSION = 0.01;
@ISA = qw(Exporter);
@EXPORT = qw(&stockreport);
%EXPORT_TAGS = ( ); # eg: TAG => [ qw!name1 name2! ],
# your exported package globals go here,
# as well as any optionally exported functions
@EXPORT_OK = qw($Var1 %Hashit);
# non-exported package globals go here
use vars qw(@more $stuff);
# initalize package globals, first exported ones
my $Var1 = '';
my %Hashit = ();
# then the others (which are still accessible as $Some::Module::stuff)
my $stuff = '';
my @more = ();
# all file-scoped lexicals must be created before
# the functions below that use them.
# file-private lexicals go here
my $priv_var = '';
my %secret_hash = ();
# here's a file-private function as a closure,
# callable as &$priv_func; it cannot be prototyped.
my $priv_func = sub {
# stuff goes here.
# make all your functions, whether exported or not;
sub stockreport {
my $dbh=C4Connect;
my @results;
my $query="Select count(*) from items where homebranch='C'";
my $sth=$dbh->prepare($query);
my $count=$sth->fetchrow_hashref;
$results[0]="$count->{'count'}\t Levin";
$query="Select count(*) from items where homebranch='F'";
$results[1]="$count->{'count'}\t Foxton";
END { } # module clean-up code here (global destructor)
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