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MARC ToDo list
1. Finish cataloguing api (
2. Modify existing code to use the new cataloguing api
a. start with all write routines
b. then all read routines
3. Polish up MARC editor. Must include some sanity checks to prevent
modifications with the MARC editor rendering the data unusable by Koha.
a. don't delete the barcode, warning before modifying barcode
b. don't mess up linkages between 852 and 876 tags
c. Home branch and holding branch info should require warnings before
d. others?
4. Need to create some indexes of the MARC data to aid in searches. Soundex
searches would be nice.
a. subject index
b. title index
c. author index
d. dewey index
e. itemtype index
f. soundex indexes would require an index with 1 word in each record. For
example, a book with the title "The Habitat and Lifestyle of the Elephant"
would have entries for "Habitat", "Lifestyle" and "Elephant" all pointing
to the book's record. An sql query like "select Record_ID from
soundex_index where soundex(word) like soundex('elefant')" would return a
point to "The Habitat and Lifestyle of the Elephant". (Personally, I
think this is pretty silly, but I had some librarians ask for it, and it
isn't overly difficult to implement). Soundex searches should be
configurable as an option somewhere. For example, have a special
interface for young children where they just type in a word and hit enter
and soundex searches are used, but normal searches do not use soundex. It
would be annoying for titles with the words 'Rode' and 'Road' to show up
when you search for 'Rhode', for example.
5. A million other things, probably...
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