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This release add a lot of bugfixes, a 1st z3950 support, and a script for migration from previous ILS.
This version is the last version with new features before 2.0.
Please, report bugs on, and feel free to fix them (through patch or cvs commit)
Update your MARC::Record to get the latest version (1.26).
Koha won't work with old versions, and need, whichi is recent.
MARC::Record 1.25 works to, but reports hundred of warnings in error_log. pls upgrage to 1.26 !
DB modifications :
* the marc_breeding table has been modified. A row "encoding" varchar(40) has been added. It's used to manage character encoding.
* the z3950_servers table has been modified. A row "syntax" varchar(40) has been added. It's used to manage character encoding.
z3950 :
* the z3950 script in admin part of Koha has been fixed and can be used and translated.
* z3950 cataloguing : when you reach the MARC-cataloguing screen, a new link appear : z3950 search.
* If you click on this link, a popup appears, and the search begins. The window is refreshed every 2 seconds, until all servers answered.
* The avaible records are shown in the popup. Click on the one you want, and... the popup closes and the biblio is copied in the cataloguing screen.
This works ONLY IF the z3950 daemon is launched. It's located at $kohadir/scripts/z3950daemon/
* MODIFY the scripts to fit you directory structure.
* Warning : due to a small bug, processqueue is in $kohadir/cgi-bin/z3950/ directory, not in the script one.
* Start daemon in a non-X shell, or launch processqueue in a shell, and KEEP IT OPEN.
iso2709 file import :
This tools is very important and was waiting by libraries that plans to migrate from a previous ILS.
BEFORE using this script, take care of your MARC parameters, and check them twice. If they are wrong, you will get wrong results...
It's located (in CVS tree) at $koharoot/misc/
It loads an iso2709 file into the ACTIVE Database. My 1st tests on sample files shows it works quite fine.
Feel free to try it.
How it works ? enter ./bulkmarcimport in a console, and look.
KNOWN LIMIT : If the barcode of an item does not exists, the scripts report an SQL error, and continue. BUT the corresponding item is not in the non-marc db, so it can't be requested or loaned.
sample file :
The sample file has been removed from this release, as it's buggy (no MARC datas, making it quite useless)
Templates & translations :
* Most images have been dropped from templates (all -except bugs- in french templates
* english is uptodate, and french should be too.
BUG FIXED (see for more infos)
A lot... (around 35).
Thanks to Mike that fixed a lot,
Steve that fixes some,
MJ Ray that upgraded the installer for non-root install,
and Chris that fixed some and begins backport of non-marc stuff from 1.2
Bugs still open in
A lot... (around 60. some being really trivial to fix, some being more important)
* some GUI reordering, as planned with Rachel from Katipo and others (paul & others)
* finishing backport of non-marc cataloguing & non-marc simple acquisition from 1.2 version (chris)
* bug fixes (everybody)
* cleaning z3950 old searches (more than 1 hour/day old ?) (paul)
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