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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
# find Koha's Perl modules
# test carefully before changing this
use FindBin;
eval { require "$FindBin::Bin/" };
use Koha;
use C4::Context;
use C4::ImportBatch;
use Getopt::Long;
$| = 1;
# command-line parameters
my $batch_number = "";
my $list_batches = 0;
my $want_help = 0;
my $result = GetOptions(
'batch-number:s' => \$batch_number,
'list-batches' => \$list_batches,
'h|help' => \$want_help
if ($want_help or (not $batch_number and not $list_batches)) {
exit 0;
if ($list_batches) {
exit 0;
# FIXME dummy user so that logging won't fail
# in future, probably should tie to a real user account
C4::Context->set_userenv(0, 'batch', 0, 'batch', 'batch', 'batch', 'batch', 'batch');
my $dbh = C4::Context->dbh;
$dbh->{AutoCommit} = 0;
if ($batch_number =~ /^\d+$/ and $batch_number > 0) {
my $batch = GetImportBatch($batch_number);
die "$0: import batch $batch_number does not exist in database\n" unless defined $batch;
die "$0: import batch $batch_number status is '" . $batch->{'import_status'} . "', and therefore cannot be imported\n"
unless $batch->{'import_status'} eq "staged" or $batch->{'import_status'} eq "reverted";
} else {
die "$0: please specify a numeric batch ID\n";
exit 0;
sub list_batches {
my $results = GetAllImportBatches();
print sprintf("%5.5s %-25.25s %-25.25s %-10.10s\n", "#", "File name", "Batch comments", "Status");
print '-' x 5, ' ' , '-' x 25, ' ', '-' x 25, ' ', '-' x 10, "\n" ;
foreach my $batch (@{ $results}) {
if ($batch->{'import_status'} eq "staged" or $batch->{'import_status'} eq "reverted") {
print sprintf("%5.5s %-25.25s %-25.25s %-10.10s\n",
sub process_batch {
my ($import_batch_id) = @_;
print "... importing MARC records -- please wait\n";
my ($num_added, $num_updated, $num_items_added, $num_items_errored, $num_ignored) =
BatchCommitBibRecords($import_batch_id, 100, \&print_progress_and_commit);
print "... finished importing MARC records\n";
print <<_SUMMARY_;
MARC record import report
Batch number: $import_batch_id
Number of new bibs added: $num_added
Number of bibs replaced: $num_updated
Number of bibs ignored: $num_ignored
Number of items added: $num_items_added
Number of items ignored: $num_items_errored
Note: an item is ignored if its barcode is a
duplicate of one already in the database.
sub print_progress_and_commit {
my $recs = shift;
print "... processed $recs records\n";
sub print_usage {
print <<_USAGE_;
$0: import a batch of staged MARC records into database.
Use this batch job to complete the import of a batch of
MARC records that was staged either by the batch job or by the Koha Tools option
"Stage MARC Records for Import".
--batch-number <#> number of the record batch
to import
--list-batches print a list of record batches
available to commit
--help or -h show this message.
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