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1 parent 14434da commit 65c19ccb6c1d3af3241f6fc96c9f3008037c3ae2 @ctfliblime ctfliblime committed Nov 6, 2011
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@@ -57,10 +57,6 @@ Default installation instructions:
9. Browse to http://servername:8080/ and answer the questions
-OR if you want to install all dependencies from CPAN and are root, you can
-replace steps 1-3 with "perl" but this is non-standard and
-may not be safe. Nevertheless, it's pretty cool when it works.
The defaults will install Koha to places that follow relevant standards,
such as the File Hierarchy Standard. If you want to install Koha to a
different directory like /opt/koha, then replace step 1 with (for example):
@@ -70,7 +66,7 @@ different directory like /opt/koha, then replace step 1 with (for example):
You can change most of the defaults in a similar way, such as DB_HOST.
For full instructions on how to override the default settings, run
-$ perldoc rewrite-config.PL
+$ perldoc installer/rewrite-config.PL
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