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Updated INSTALL.opensuse file to wiki version

Updated INSTALL.opensuse file to match the one currently (as of 26-May-2009) available in the wiki at:

Installation Guide for Installing Koha 3 on openSUSE 11 - Koha Developer Wiki

This commit is supposed to be applied to the 3.0.x branch.


– Updated last modification date to 02-Dec-2008
– Tried to clarify that one should add the word "rewrite" (without the quotes) to /etc/sysconfig/apache2 in case a2enmod does NOT work
– "make test" does NOT return "Can't connect to data source" errors any longer. Updating "make install" section accordingly
– Updated "make test" output for Koha installation (it doesn't give connect errors any longer)
– Added prompt to accept permanent instlallation of "Test-Manifest-1.22.tar.gz" during "XML::RSS" install
– Installing "XML::RSS" now also installs "Time::y2038"
– Added "force install" of "Barcode::128"
– Added output of "MARC::Charset" installation (that points that it is already up to date)
– Updated "CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml" section that now installs Test::Pod
– Added "MIME::LITE" installation that is new in Koha 3.0 Final
– Removed ImageMagick installation because it's no longer required in Koha 3.0 Final
– Added instructions to install the "GD" Perl module and its package dependencies
– Added "Email::Date" installation that is new in Koha 3.0 Final
– Updated list of prerequisites according to changes done in Koha 3.0 Final
– Added missing step to install yaz. Thanks to Bob Ewart for catching it
– Added explanation of answering Yes to "Install the Zebra configuration files" in a NOZEBRA installation, like this one
– Added explanation of "fr" (French) choice for Koha install
– Promoted run "make install" to Heading 4

Signed-off-by: Galen Charlton <>
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1 parent d9c6327 commit 87acbc5e9f1cb613fd72055dba7e5dc0761f82e7 @ricmarques ricmarques committed with Galen Charlton May 26, 2009
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