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@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
Bugfixes & some improvements (security & perf only)
+It has been placed in the "unstable tree" because there are still some bugs.
+But it's fully usable, and should not be modified a lot until a stable version is released.
DB modifications :
@@ -12,7 +14,8 @@ CREATE TABLE systempreferences (
options text,
type varchar(20) default NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (variable)
If you installed a 2.0.0pre1 from scratch, it should be ok.
If your version was a 1.9.x, it should not be ok.
@@ -22,10 +25,14 @@ In systempreferences, add a gist field. Used to calculate gst when ordering, in
-* : added a check on fields mapped to item marc tag (from Paul).
-* dramaticaly improving the speed of a MARC search in case of a A OR B search. Added possibility to search on more than 3 parameters. (from Esiee & Paul)
+* : added a check on fields mapped to item marc tag (by Paul).
* overdue books backported from 1.2.x (& templated) (by Chris)
* some additionals check to verify a borrower can borrow a book (by Esiee)
+* MARC search (in intranet) :
+- dramaticaly improving the speed of a MARC search in case of a A OR B search (by Paul)
+- Users can search using more than 3 criterias (criterias are now added dynamically) (by Esiee)
+- Results can be displayed using 20,50 or 100 results per page. (by Esiee)
+- Added arrows and numbers to walk through the results (as in OPAC) (by Esiee)
@@ -39,3 +46,14 @@ BUGS FIXED :
If supplier parameters are set to do it, the gst are now auto calculated with javascript.
* bug 512 : bibliosubject table is not being populated (fixed by Paul)
* bug 513 : marclinks: default mapping typo (fixed by Paul)
+* updatedatabase bugs : now, the updatedatabase script (located in scripts/updater) works and update your DB structure.
+ note it only adds fields & tables. The MARC parameter tables won't be populated, neither the MARC-DB. (fixed by Paul)
+* bug 510 : new doc needs to be integrated
+* bug 487 : upgrade problem from a previous version. If you install from scratch, it should be fine.
+* bug 515 : biblio.notes ignores Marclinks mapping durring import
+* bug 293 : Error Issuing Book - 1 in some specific cases
+* bug 523 : requests does not store dates in reserves table
+plus some other, less critical.

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