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Commits on Jul 10, 2008
  1. @amoore

    bug 1980 [3/3]: remove bug workaround from pagination links

    amoore committed with Joshua Ferraro
    yesterday, the C4::Output::pagination_bar had a bug in it that I was crudely working around.
    atz fixed that bug this morning. This patch removes the workaround. Thanks, atz!
    I'm sending along atz's patch again with my signoff. It needs to be applied before this, as does the
    other 1980 patch. I have sent that along (again), too, with a modified subject line. That makes a total of 3 patches for 1980.
    Signed-off-by: Joshua Ferraro <>
  2. @amoore

    bug 1980: updateing calls to SimpleSearch to limit number of things r…

    amoore committed with Joshua Ferraro
    C4::Search::SimpleSearch was alredy patched to let you pass in the number of results you want back.
    These instances were not using the new API. This patch makes all calls to SimpleSearch specify a limit.
    I improved the documentation of SimpleSearch a bit to include the third returned value.
    I believe there's a bug in C4::Output::pagination_bar, in that it doesn't deal well with URLs
    with only one pair of parameter=value passed to it. I'm getting around this by passing in a second
    pair that does nothing.
    Signed-off-by: Joshua Ferraro <>
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