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Commits on Aug 15, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime

    Merge pull request #120 from hgq/11_09_pt14999551_head

    ctfliblime authored
    [#14999551] catch other cases of cascading dialog forms, esp. lost+transf
  2. @ctfliblime

    Merge pull request #110 from hgq/11_05_pt15591571_head

    ctfliblime authored
    [#16468403 and #15591571] standardize use of GetCircControlBranch,
Commits on Aug 5, 2011
  1. @hgq

    [#16672179] internal server error on confirm checkout hold override

    hgq authored
    - fixed wrong way to get superlibrarian permission
    - fixed namespace problem in calling ModReserve
Commits on Aug 2, 2011
  1. @hgq
Commits on Aug 1, 2011
  1. @hgq

    [#16468403 and #15591571] standardize use of GetCircControlBranch,

    hgq authored
    which will fix change in multiplier upon renewal (continue to use
    initial issuing branch for previous due calculations) and longoverdue
    checkin as lost charges
Commits on Jul 22, 2011
  1. @hgq

    [fixes #14149993] make a transfer at checkin: lost, notlost, &c. Othe…

    hgq authored
    …r fixes:
    - fix undef Perl warning in mapping in
    - fix overdue from datedue calculation, was using object instead of ISO date
      from issues
    - finally finished work on refund owed for backdate checkin resulting
      in downward adjustment of fine
    - converted Yes|No option to Continue prompt: Remove from patron's Lost Items
    - retested and fixed some lost prompts +notissued/issued, +hold/nohold, &c.
Commits on Jul 21, 2011
  1. @hgq

    [fixes #14999551] fix general case of lost:missing (not lost+charge),

    hgq authored
    notissued, noholds.  Tested against other cases:
    case 1) lostNcharge+nohold+notissued
         1.a. checkin at A - OK
         1.b. checkin at B - OK
            1.b.ii. had previous transfer - OK
    case 2) lostMissing+nothold+notissued
         2.a. checkin at A - OK, click <OK> and form will now submit
         2.b. checkin at B
            2.b.i.  no prior transfer   - OK
            2.b.ii. have prior transfer - OK
Commits on Jul 20, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime

    Merge pull request #77 from hgq/10_07_pt14986797_head

    ctfliblime authored
    [fixes #14986797] fixes for fastadd
  2. @hgq

    [fixes #14986797] fixes for fastadd

    hgq authored
    - in circulation, allow creation of bib and item using FA framework which,
      after deliberation, is decided to be hardcoded rather than controlled by
      syspref.  If the FA framework doesn't exist yet, the librarian will get
      a friendly warning message but can proceed w/ fastadd and checkout using
      default framework
    - get 952$c explicitly (the barcode) for displaying at top of framework in, eliminating the bug that the field's text never displayed
      and merely left behind a hyphen since code previously used regex instead
      of hash keys.  This also incidentally fixes the bug that attempting to
      submit the form fails due to a JS error with trying to pass rmBarcode
      over a nondisplaying field
Commits on Jul 18, 2011
  1. @hgq

    [Fixes #15841545] some fixes for intransit holds

    hgq authored
    - <Confirm and transfer> button was dead
    - patron details: On Holds tab was displaying both intransit and waiting
    - put intransit and add to branchtransfers when notlost, notissued
    * TODO: fault tolerance for intransit but no entry in branchtransfers
Commits on Jul 5, 2011
  1. @hgq

    [Fixes #14997333] really fix problem of found=NULL,priority=0:

    hgq authored
    GetOtherReserves() should be deprecated.  Anytime priorities or
    found status change, all the routines call _Normalize*,
    so there's no need to decrement priorities anymore.  Also, when we
    requeue the impossible case of Waiting at A but checkin at B, requeue
    as bib-level hold.
Commits on Jun 16, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime

    De-globalize $dbh in C4::VirtualShelves

    ctfliblime authored
    The package global assignment of $C4::VirtualShelves::dbh, in
    addition to being just plain shoddy, is not persistence-safe. It
    also demands a database connection at module load time, which is
    a dependency we need to avoid both for testing and for the Plack
    localization middleware.
    This also removes a couple of other stray $dbh initializations
    and other cruft in other files.
Commits on Jun 10, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime
Commits on Jun 9, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime

    Add and include it universally

    ctfliblime authored
    At this point all we're doing is turning on warnings, strict,
    and 5.10 features by default in all files. This also defines
    a $Koha::VERSION variable which is going to be the basis for
    the code revision number, as opposed to $C4::Context::VERSION,
    which is the data config version number.
  2. @hgq

    [Fixes #9049487 and #13166843] fast add bib tweaks

    hgq authored
    - default select logged in branch for home and holding branch
    - make specify due date work
  3. @hgq
Commits on Jun 6, 2011
  1. @hgq

    [Fixes #13859777] Picking up hold item at different location

    hgq authored
    - deprecated AddIssuingCharge()
    - fix metaphysical confusion of item's physical location: upon checkout, remove
      from branchtransfers and tmp_holdsqueue (did in renewal)
    - show waiting reserves cancelled before they expire in Holds Shelf Action
    - repurposed syspref reservesNeedConfirmationOnCheckout into pipe-delimited list
      to handle combos: same|diff patron, pending|intransit|waiting, sameitem|
Commits on Jun 3, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime
Commits on Jun 2, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime

    Merge pull request #9 from hgq/03_08_01jun_head

    ctfliblime authored
    03 08 01jun head
  2. @ctfliblime

    [Fixes #14125571] Optimize checkout by reducing patron detail

    ctfliblime authored
    The amount of information the patron info box at the bottom
    of the circ window compiles is too great for a speedy
    checkout process if the patron has many items on reserve,
    especially if those reserves are on bibs with lots of items
    and/or bibs that have lots of reserves.
    This eliminates the patron_infobox and streamlines acquisition
    of many of the other details about the patron account. It also
    replaces the infobox with a listing of the item that was just
    checked out after a successful issue.
  3. @hgq

    - fixes #13635531: remove Waiting and Intransit from Holds Queue at

    hgq authored
      checkin.  deprecated ModReserveFillCheckin(), used RmFromHoldsQueue().
    - redid rental fee: charge only once per circulation cycle
    - added sanity checks to renewal: remove from transfers and holdsqueue
  4. @hgq

    [Fixes #13229501] dialog boxes for lost+hold at checkin

    hgq authored
    (*) itemstatus toggle: lost, claims returned (
    (a) co->lost+charge->cr:patrontab ->notlost        -OK
        co->lost+charge->cr:itemstatus->notlost        -OK
        co->lost+charge->notlost                       -OK
        co->lost+charge->cr->crundo->missing->notlost  -OK
    (b) co  ->cr ->prompt:cobor                        -OK
        noco,notlost,notoverdue->cr                 =>OK
                ->lastbor                              -OK
                ->nolastbor                            -OK
    (c) noco->lost+charge                           =>OK
                ->lastbor                              -OK
                ->nolastbor                            -OK
    (d) co  ->missing                                  -OK
        noco->missing                                  -OK
        missing->cr                                 =>OK
                ->charged                              -OK
                ->notcharged                           -OK
    (*) checkin dialog msg for lost      issued      notissued
    lost+link                        -OK         -OK
          +trans                     -OK         -OK
          +hold                      -OK         -OK
          +holdtrans                 -OK         -OK
    lost+nolink                      -OK         -OK
          +trans                     -OK         -OK
          +hold                      -OK         -OK
          +holdtrans                 -OK         -OK
    (*) reroute
       nohold                        -OK         -OK
       hold                          -OK         -FAIL:TODO
  5. @hgq

    effort to fix cumbersome behavior of circulation affecting fines,

    hgq authored
    holds, transfers, item status, checkin, checkout.  addresses 12895645,
    13284525, 13229501, 13390195 and unreported bugs.
    - manual transfer via circ Transifers, item is already
      at destination library and/or duplicate rows in branchtranfers, one of
      them Wrong: allow manual reroute by cancelling previous transfer, cannot
      transfer twice, cannot transfer dest=curr, grep out curr branch from
      pulldown menu of destinations.
    - claims returned, returned by a different patron
    - overdue (notlost): refuse return, backdate returndate lt issuedate
    - allow spoofing today's date in as a cmdline argument
    - backdate to no longer max, so remove 'max overdue' verbiage
    - overdue charge is per circ cycle based on due date
    - show item "lost by [borrower]" in
    - fix lost by different patron upon checkout, gets credit (zero outstanding)
      regardless claims returned, autoremoved from that patron's Lost Items
    - handle wrong workflow: notlost->claims returned: no link between patron
      and item, don't create one.  prompt that updateitem failed.
    - obscure one-time bug: lost, change syspref to MarkLost..=ON, set to notlost, error: line 625
    - tweak fines log
    - append "due on [datedue]" in description to grep upon
    - overdue was not being charged at checkin when cron isn't running
    - bogus SQL statement was zeroing out both amount and amountoutstanding, should be
      only amountoutstanding
    - add a line of overdue forgiven to patron account for exemptfine
    - refund owed, give refund total balance, need append ' issued at no.[accountno]'
    - append ', paid at no.[accountno]' in recordpayment() and makepayment() so we can
      pass regex or RLIKE to handle refund owed on charges, not just lost returned
    - handle 4 varieties of payments: full lineitem, partial lineitem, full dispersal,
      partial dispersal
    - don't display overdue red text if not overdue after backdate recalc.  Fix issue's
      overdue key to use returndate instead of today
    - fines resulted in impossible set of amount=1.25 and outstanding=2.50.  fix is to
      adjust both fields and append text of "adjusted backdate returned [returndate]"
    - don't charge it not overdue, don't zero out
    - overdue accruals are adjusted due to backdate checkin
    - swap precedence of issuingrule max_fine vs. syspref MaxFine.  issuingrule supercedes.
      max overdue is a threshold, not a separate charge
    - calculate overdues upon item status change (nocron) or MarkLost..toggled
    - don't autocharge max overdue if not maxed
    - waslost+claims returned: use authorised vlaue 1 in category LOST for claims returned
      undo. when changing from Lost to Claims Returned in catalogue, don't autocheckin
      if ML=0, don't remove.  make claims returned lookup old issues if ML=1.  item was
      unlinked from patron account. in chargelostitem, lookup lost in lost_items instead
      of issues.  lost now found at checkin, refund if applicable.  don't autorefund upon
      ->notlost if never paid.
    - checkin w/ hold priority, not lost, upon ignore hold do not autoset to Waiting
    - process lost (and unlink from patron account) and hold together if have both
    - auto cancel transfer if it was intransit from A to B but checked out at A
    - item homebranch is B, checked out at A, no holds pending, checked in A: either
      confirm was in transit or cancel transfer and keep at A, or initiate transfer to B
    - at pickup branch checkin, differentiate b/w hold to pull b/c was intransit from
      hold already waiting
    - wonky superlibririan activity: hold waiting at pickup branch A but tries to checkin
      at branch B: confirma dn transfer to A, or requeue and keep at B
    a lot more to go
Commits on Jun 1, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime

    [Fixes #12849423] Enable course reservation of multiple items at once

    ctfliblime authored
    This patch changes the barcode entry from a text to textarea, processing
    multiple line-separated barcodes to be added to a course simultaneously.
Commits on May 16, 2011
  1. @hgq @ctfliblime

    [Fixes #13264053] hold status display problem

    hgq authored ctfliblime committed
    * don't display cancel confirm popup for normal priority holds
    * tweak popup for waiting and intransit holds upon wanting to requeue or cancel hold
    * for intransit item, don't display empty waitingdate, display branch needing to pull
    * after talking to Amy, allow cancelling of intransit hold
    * upon requeueing intransit hold, pass pickup branch info
  2. @hgq @ctfliblime

    [Fixes #13171283] remove suspended from Holds Queue, also

    hgq authored ctfliblime committed
    * remove item from Holds Queue upon checkout, not just ModReserveFillCheckout()
    * consolidate instances of DELETE FROM tmp_holdsqueue to use
    * consolidate C4::Reserves::UnorphanCancelledHolds() into CleanupQueue()
    * do ModReserveFillCheckin() at normal circ checkin, not jsut from Holds
      Queue so that trapped hold successfuly removes reserve from Queue
Commits on May 10, 2011
  1. @hgq @ctfliblime

    [Fixes #12950597 cancel or requeue reserve

    hgq authored ctfliblime committed
    * don't prompt for username and passowrd authorization for superlibrarian
    * allow option to re-enqueue or cancel reserve
    * handle reserve even if it's a renewal
    * changed parameters to C4::Circulation::AddIssue() from flat list to
      associative array
    * fixed tags in circulation.tmpl
    * fixed sanity check in for Koha installer user who
      doesn't have a branch set
    * make offline circ script send requeue param for holds
Commits on May 3, 2011
  1. @hgq @ctfliblime
Commits on Apr 17, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime
Commits on Apr 7, 2011
  1. @hgq @ctfliblime

    PTSF PT 12053553 don't concat on null firstname

    hgq authored ctfliblime committed
    in circ overdues report
  2. @hgq @ctfliblime

    PTFS PT 11926695/11712685 dupes

    hgq authored ctfliblime committed
    * 11712685: moved 2 SQL statements in C4::Reserves::*getBranchesQueueWeight
      to C4::Branch::GetBranchcodes().
    * exempt negative numbers (used for items on order) from barcode
      expansion so that checkin directly from Holds Queue is smooth
    * 11926695: handle possible duplicates by eliminating items by itemnumber
      already in reserves and/or tmp_holdsqueue.  Tested against SCLS sandbox
Commits on Apr 4, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime

    [Fixes 10710191] Patron Record Ownership

    ctfliblime authored
    This feature should have no functional effect for superlibrarians.
    This feature also has no functional effect if there are no
    categories defined under the "Patrons" category type.
    Once there is at least one of those categories is created,
    view/modify constraints go into effect. As described in the spec,
    staff will be able to work with patrons who are 1) members of their
    branch or 2) members a branch which is belongs of one or more of
    the same "patrons"-type branch categories as the active staff
    member's branch.
    This work completed as per the Pioneer "Patron Record Ownership"
  2. @hgq @ctfliblime

    PTFS PT 11662945 lost item and no unlink from patron account

    hgq authored ctfliblime committed
    This patch addresses the bizarre case of librarian clicking No,
    do NOT remove from patron's account when checking in a lost item.
    * removed refundlostitemreturned() and ForgiveFineForClaimsReturned(),
      refactored into makeClaimsReturned() for toggling on/off and crediting
      account and, if applicable, owing refund on payment made
    * tweaked AddReturn() to separate lost_items table from items.itemlost
    * the dialogue message for "Item lost, now found.. remove from.." now
      specifies the patron who's linked to the lost item regardless whether
      it's the same or different from the checkin issued patron
  3. @hgq @ctfliblime
  4. @hgq @ctfliblime

    PTFS PT 11231793 holds waiting on patron checkout screen

    hgq authored ctfliblime committed
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