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Commits on Oct 25, 2011
  1. @hgq

    GPO branding,item ownership,patron tier branches,&c.

    hgq committed
    [#20136117] GPO/ADT branding
    [#14992531] item ownership side, separate from bib ownership
    [#14882221] (guided) report based on patron tier branches
    [#19942901] rearrange patron details
    - misc: verbiage changes, removed nav links of stuff we don't need;
    added logos; added userpref override sys checkboxes, allow user prefs
    for Z39.50 targets; replace work libraries with tier constraint;
    browser detect and friendly about page tab 'Client Information';
    fixed used of; attempt to use only one global
    js variable ('koha') for our needs, minor lib-ifying of Ajax stuff
    - limit user to tier branches in admin branches,,
    additem, __TODO: current branch is allowed to be outside of tier,
    __TODO: everywhere constrain to tier branches
    - reports: make C4::Reports::Guided Plack-able; in *.tmpl
    step3, make adding to right hand side idempotent; consolidate edit and
    view SQL into one operation; prettify built query; step4: force
    selection of tier branches
    - reserves: changed the way we modify the hold's pickup branch; fixed
    bug in simplemodal jslib where it was trying to hide() an undefined
    modal overlay
    - remove extraneous report types from get_report_areas()
    - create from SQL: put focus in reportname; show 'select only' hint
    - fix stats wiz
    - fix 110 and 710 multiple subfields funky syntax
    - spellcheck,autofill
Commits on Sep 12, 2011
  1. @ctfliblime @hgq

    [#14882151 followup] additional Z39.50 tweaks:

    ctfliblime committed with hgq
    - general Ajax fix for IE: send no cache HTTP header
    - general widgets tweak: removed search button, which wasn't
      easily aligned across browsers; prettify width of page
      jumper input box; send user to page 1 upon positive search
      results upon hitting [ENTER] (no redirect if paging or
      sorting even if we have search matches)
    - Z39.50 Servers Administration: commented out Rank; select
      MARC21/USMARC by default on ADD; put magnifying glass icon
      on non-Yahoo button
    - Z39.50 Search: commented out button for adding new MARC;
      force sorting of errors to the bottom; allow skipping nonMarc
      such as errors; allow open search results in modal
    - modify query of C4::Session::Defaults::Items to not clash with
      Z39.50 usage
    - dupecheck unique Target Name for both ADD and EDIT
    - confirmation msg before target server delete
    - fix crushed text in hostname:port view for patron selected targets
    - one more case of no data: all errors
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