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Commits on Jul 02, 2012
@ctfliblime ctfliblime [#32119131] Remove duplicate branch list from group search 5c16907
Commits on Jul 18, 2012
jwt01 [#2866395] Fix certain notices to use the branch email address
defaulting to the 'from' address in the KohaAdminEmailAddress syspref.
This updates the code to check for an email address in the branch
policy, and only use the syspref as a fallback; needed for consortia
with separate library policies and controls.
jwt01 [#31377433] Fix for error downloading starter patron csv
Trying to download a starter patron load .csv file was
producing an error; this fixes the problem.
jwt01 [#30011229] Patron account update wasn't sending email address
The patron account update page from the OPAC wasn't sending a
changed email address as part of the message; fixed.
jwt01 [#11129595] Fix problem with mandatory dateofbirth and patron edits
Fixes problem with error saving patron edits if dateofbirth is in
jwt01 [#22907171] Fix Most Circulated Items wizard to use items.itype
The Most Circulated Items report wizard was basing item type
selection on biblioitems.itemtype, not the item record's item type.
Since most sites don't fill in the 942$c (mapped to biblioitems.itemtype),
results weren't valid.  Changed script to use items.itype instead.
jwt01 [#27529753] Retain limit setting when sorting Reading History
The OPAC Reading History tab has options to display all or
last 50 entries, and to sort by Title (if sorted, sort back
by date).  However, sorting by Title/Date ignored the display
all selection, and only used the last 50 entries.  This makes
the sorts obey the limit parameter.

Note that if the limiter is last 50, the list returned will
be different depending on whether title or date is sorted. If
by title, the selection is alpha; if by date the selection is
most recent 50.
jwt01 [#30996013] Fix holds queue popup warning text
Changed "Do you want continue" to "Do you want to continue" message.
@ctfliblime ctfliblime [#28311297] Do not assume there is a borrowernumber == 1 687ae3b
@ctfliblime ctfliblime [#25787639] Fix floating point comparison errors in debt collect
Relying on exact comparisons of floating point values
will always result in a certain percentage of errors. This
patch fixes some of these error points by instead relying
on integer comparison or expanding the range of the FP
jwt01 [#31210441] Alphabetize OPAC tag cloud
Sort tags alphabetically.
jwt01 [#30995949] Fix typos
Fix minor typos in category type, hold shelf action screens
jwt01 [#30639343] Fix inventory to use items.itype not biblioitems.itemtype
The inventory selection for item type was calling biblioitems.itemtype,
which comes from the 942$c field and frequently doesn't have data
entered.  This changes it to use the item record's item type field.
jwt01 [#30550137] fix for missing hold link in OPAC cart
Cart hold link was missing in default view, but visible in More
Details view; this makes it visible in default view.
Commits on Jul 23, 2012
@ctfliblime ctfliblime Micro update: 4.12.1 8d5c1f4
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
@ctfliblime ctfliblime [#34222711] Further fixes to float handling in
Converting to cents also yields inexact sums in some circumstances,
causing accounts to show up with erroneous $0.01 paid amounts.
Instead, we'll just compare floats but do so in a manner that
accounts for their imprecision.
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
jwt01 [#29236995] allow holds if items without otherstatus setting
Fixes problem of one item with non-holdable otherstatus blocking
OPAC holds on other available items on the title.
jwt01 [#33115415] Fix pagination problem with parameter reports
Fixes problem of multi-page reports using parameters not
paginating properly.
jwt01 [#33773743] Fixes staff advanced search ccode searching
Advanced search collection code searches were using
mc-itemtypes as the index; fixed script to use proper index
(mc-ccode) and also fix display row/column counts.
@ctfliblime ctfliblime [#32857887] Clarify which maxfine setting to apply
If both the circ rule and the MaxFine syspref had values for
maximum fine, the system was applying the lesser. This meant
that in some cases the circ rule value was not being used (for
example, a circ rule max fine of $10 but a syspref of $5).
Modifies the code so that if the circ rule has a value for
max fine, that value is used regardless of the syspref contents.
@ctfliblime ctfliblime [#32292395/#26932427/#27525929/#29319799] Check circ rules when filli…
…ng queue

The routines for picking available items to fill
reserves was not checking the CircControl value
to constrain its pool of potential items.
jwt01 [#10192207] Fix for fines script stalling on deleted items
If an item was checked out and deleted without being checked in,
a null itemnumber in the issues table made the fines script stop
processing without any alerts.  Any entries in the issues table
after the orphaned record did not accrue fines.  This adds a fix
to skip entries with null itemnumbers.
@ctfliblime ctfliblime Micro update: 4.12.2 906a980
jwt01 [#32469069] Fixing loss of search group limiter in staff adv search
The variable for search groups was not being passed to the staff
advanced search template, so the page never showed search group
options.  Added the variable and also reworded both staff and OPAC
pulldown defaults from "All categories" to "All library search groups"
(or "All libraries" in the OPAC masthead) for clarity.
jwt01 [#29635103] Fix for Edit links updating dateexpiry
Using the individual Edit links from the patron details display
was inappropriately updating an existing expiration date; fixes
that so the field is only updated when a new record is created.
@ctfliblime ctfliblime Micro update: 4.12.3 70fbdf3
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