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This theme is based on the Berlin Omeka theme.

Some unique features of this theme include:

  1. Ability for standard Item Types to function as normal alongside the custom Oral History Item Type. The theme recognizes the Oral History Item Type and modifies the item view accordingly.

  2. Handling for the Oral History Item Type (embedded OHMS Oral History Viewer within the item view along with tabs to select the Interview vs. Description view).

  3. Special dynamic link between Oral History Item Type records and related exhibits. If an exhibit links to an Oral History Item Type record, the theme dynamically creates a link back to the related exhibit from the item view.

**Note that this theme relies on the Omeka plugin 'OHMSObject' in order to serve OHMS objects embedded within item views.

**For more information, please view Philly Theme User Guide.

This theme was created through a partnership between the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History and West Chester University and a collaboration between Eric Weig, Doug Boyd, and Janneken Smucker.


An extension of the Berlin theme for use with collections including Oral History and the OHMS Oral History Viewer.



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