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SWF output library
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Build Status

Last updated 09th January 2014.

Ming is a Flash (SWF) output library. It can be used from PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, C, C++, Java, and probably more on the way.

It comprises a lot of Flash functionality, including features of Flash 8.

Specifically, it lets you create: shapes (including morphs), text, sprites (aka movie clips), buttons, and actions in flash movies, plus more.

The goal for Ming is to abstract away all of the mundane specifics of the SWF file format.

Ming also includes a PHP wrapper which wraps Ming objects in PHP objects. Pretty cool.

The Python wrapper has been updated to mirror the functionality of the PHP interface, so you should be able to use the PHP documentation without getting terribly confused now.

There's a Perl wrapper now, feedback about it (and enhancements) are most welcome.

The C++ wrapper is just one big header file. But it seems to work pretty well. Check the examples directory.

Ming is released under the LGPL. See file LICENSE for the gory details. The command-line actionscript compiler is released under the GPL. See file LICENSE_GPL2 for details.

For installation instructions, see the INSTALL text file.

The Ming Development Team

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