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$(P Generic Algorithm Collection.)
$(P The following table is a quick reference guide for which Mir Algorithm modules to
use for a given category of functionality.)
$(TH Modules)
$(TH Description)
$(LEADINGROW Accessories)
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,algebraic_alias,ion)) $(TD Mutable Amazon's Ion value))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,algebraic_alias,json)) $(TD Mutable JSON value))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,algebraic_alias,transform)) $(TD Mutation algorithms for Ion/JSON-like values))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,annotated)) $(TD Mutable generic Annotated value))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,array,allocation)) $(TD `std.array` reworked for Mir))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,format)) $(TD @nogc Formatting Utilities))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,lob)) $(TD Binar and Char Large Objects ))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,parse)) $(TD @nogc Parsing Utilities))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,range)) $(TD Ranges))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,serde)) $(TD Utilities for serialization libraries ))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,small_array)) $(TD Generic Small Arrays))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,small_string)) $(TD Generic Small Strings))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,string_map)) $(TD Ordered string-value associative array with fast lookup))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,test)) $(TD Testing utilities))
$(LEADINGROW Date and time)
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,date)) $(TD Fast BetterC Date type with Boost ABI and mangling compatability))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,timestamp)) $(TD General purpose timestamp implementation with arbitrary precision ))
$(LEADINGROW NDarrays and Algorithms)
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,algorithm,iteration)) $(TD Mir & BetterC rework of Phobos.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,algorithm,setops)) $(TD Mir & BetterC rework of Phobos.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,ndslice)★) $(TD Package for ndarrays and iteration algorithms.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,range)) $(TD Additional primitive ranges. See also $(MREF mir,ndslice), which contains a lot of range constructos.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,interpolate)★) $(TD Interpolation algorithms))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,math,numeric)) $(TD Simple numeric algorithms))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,math,stat)) $(TD Basic API for statistics))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,math,sum)) $(TD Various precise summation algorithms))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,numeric)) $(TD Basic numeric optimisations))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,polynomial)) $(TD Polynomial ref-counted structure))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,ediff)) $(TD Expression differentiation))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,math,func,expdigamma)) $(TD `exp(digamma(x))`))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,math,func,normal)) $(TD Normal Distribution API))
$(LEADINGROW Reference counting)
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,rc,array)) $(TD Thread safe reference count array and the iterator to adopt it to ndslice.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,rc,ptr)) $(TD Thread safe reference count pointer with polymorphism support for strucs and objects.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,rc,slim_ptr)) $(TD Thread safe reference count pointer for strucs and objects.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,rc)) $(TD Reference counting package and RC conversion utilities.))
$(LEADINGROW Containers)
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,appender)) $(TD Scoped Buffer.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,container,binaryheap)★) $(TD Mir & BetterC rework of Phobos.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,series)★) $(TD Generic series suitable for time-series or semi-immutable ordered maps with CPU cache friendly binary search.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,graph,tarjan)★) $(TD Tarjan's strongly connected components algorithm))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,graph)) $(TD Basic routines to work with graphs))
$(LEADINGROW Big Numbers (partial implementation))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,bignum, decimal)) $(TD Stack-allocated decimal type))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,bignum, fixed)) $(TD Stack-allocated fixed length unsigned integer type (like 256bit integers).))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,bignum, fp)) $(TD Stack-allocated fixed length software floating point type.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,bignum, integer)) $(TD Stack-allocated integer type.))
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,bignum, low_level_view)) $(TD Low-level universal number representation formats.))
$(LEADINGROW Combinatrorics)
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,combinatorics)★) $(TD Combinations, combinations with repeats, cartesian power, permutations.))
$(LEADINGROW Interconnection with other languages)
$(TR $(TDNW $(MREF mir,ndslice,connect,cpython)) $(TD Utilities for $(HTTPS, Python Buffer Protocol)))
Copyright: 2020 Ilya Yaroshenko, Kaleidic Associates Advisory Limited, Symmetry Investments
TITLE=Mir Algorithm
WIKI=Mir Algorithm