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Libmv multiview reconstruction and tracking library

Libmv is a simple multiview reconstruction library.

It is not ready yet. If you're interested in contributing, see:

The short story:

 $ make
 $ bin-dbg/ui/tvr/tvr

Try loading two images and making a reconstruction. This UI will almost
certainly crash on you and may delete your harddrive. There's a reason we claim
libmv is not finished!


Before building, make sure you have the following:

* CMake 2.4 or newer.
* Qt4.

Then run 

 $ make

in the toplevel directory. This builds a debug version, and puts it in bin-dbg.
To build an optimized version, do

 $ make release

which puts optimized executables and libraries in bin-dbg/. To run the test
suite, cd in to the appriate directory and run 'make test'

 $ cd bin-dbg
 $ make test

Building uses CMake, so it is possible to build in other directories with
different CMake flags. However, building inside the toplevel directory with
CMake will fail; in other words DON'T DO THIS:

 $ ls
 AUTHORS  contrib  doc  LICENSE  Makefile  README  src
 $ cmake .
 $ make  <-- Will fail.

Instead do this:

 $ ls
 AUTHORS  contrib  doc  LICENSE  Makefile  README  src
 $ mkdir build
 $ cd build
 $ cmake ../src # Your options here
 $ make
 $ make test
 $ ...


If you encounter problems running the test suite, please mail the mailing list
or file a ticket on our Google code project page


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