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This wiki is currently being salvaged from a backup of the original website so it is incomplete and many features are broken (no images, missing links, etc.). Please bear with us as we fix the problems.
In the mean time, don’t hesitate to add new pages and help us fix the existing articles!

NUI Wiki

This wiki is about NUI, a C++ framework designed to build multiplatform applications with hardware accelerated GUIs.

To know a bit more:

about nui
about nui’s licensing
how to download nui
Planned features for nui4 (Android support)
Planned features for nui5 (overall redesign)


  • This github server, as well as the dev site, is used to coordinate the developpers. Please use this wiki, the forums and enter or fix issues .
  • Of course you can go social ;-)
  • Be a fan of NUI on facebook
  • Join to the NUI group on facebook
  • Follow the developers on twitter
  • Join us on IRC (Internet Relay Chat): #ngl on irc.freenode.net .
  • Vote for us on Ohloh

Getting Started

Development tutorials

Design documents