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from enigma import eServiceReference, eServiceCenter
class ServiceReference(eServiceReference):
def __init__(self, ref, reftype = eServiceReference.idInvalid, flags = 0, path = ''):
if reftype != eServiceReference.idInvalid:
self.ref = eServiceReference(reftype, flags, path)
elif not isinstance(ref, eServiceReference):
self.ref = eServiceReference(ref or "")
self.ref = ref
self.serviceHandler = eServiceCenter.getInstance()
def __str__(self):
return self.ref.toString()
def getServiceName(self):
info =
return info and info.getName(self.ref) or ""
def info(self):
def list(self):
return self.serviceHandler.list(self.ref)
def getType(self):
return self.ref.type
def getPath(self):
return self.ref.getPath()
def getFlags(self):
return self.ref.flags
def isRecordable(self):
ref = self.ref
return ref.flags & eServiceReference.isGroup or (ref.type == eServiceReference.idDVB and ref.getPath() == "")
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