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import enigma
import xml.etree.cElementTree
from keyids import KEYIDS
# these are only informational (for help)...
from Tools.KeyBindings import addKeyBinding
class KeymapError(Exception):
def __init__(self, message):
self.msg = message
def __str__(self):
return self.msg
def parseKeys(context, filename, actionmap, device, keys):
for x in keys.findall("key"):
get_attr = x.attrib.get
mapto = get_attr("mapto")
id = get_attr("id")
flags = get_attr("flags")
flag_ascii_to_id = lambda x: {'m':1,'b':2,'r':4,'l':8}[x]
flags = sum(map(flag_ascii_to_id, flags))
assert mapto, "%s: must specify mapto in context %s, id '%s'" % (filename, context, id)
assert id, "%s: must specify id in context %s, mapto '%s'" % (filename, context, mapto)
assert flags, "%s: must specify at least one flag in context %s, id '%s'" % (filename, context, id)
if len(id) == 1:
keyid = ord(id) | 0x8000
elif id[0] == '\\':
if id[1] == 'x':
keyid = int(id[2:], 0x10) | 0x8000
elif id[1] == 'd':
keyid = int(id[2:]) | 0x8000
raise KeymapError("key id '" + str(id) + "' is neither hex nor dec")
keyid = KEYIDS[id]
raise KeymapError("key id '" + str(id) + "' is illegal")
# print context + "::" + mapto + " -> " + device + "." + hex(keyid)
actionmap.bindKey(filename, device, keyid, flags, context, mapto)
addKeyBinding(filename, keyid, context, mapto, flags)
def readKeymap(filename):
p = enigma.eActionMap.getInstance()
assert p
source = open(filename)
dom = xml.etree.cElementTree.parse(source)
raise KeymapError("keymap %s not well-formed." % filename)
keymap = dom.getroot()
for cmap in keymap.findall("map"):
context = cmap.attrib.get("context")
assert context, "map must have context"
parseKeys(context, filename, p, "generic", cmap)
for device in cmap.findall("device"):
parseKeys(context, filename, p, device.attrib.get("name"), device)
def removeKeymap(filename):
p = enigma.eActionMap.getInstance()
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