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dm800se display: Back to PIcon-less skin

It doesn't look nice on a new box without installed PIcons, and you need 70x53 icons otherwise
it won't work. If you want PIcons back, put the commented-out version in skin_user.xml.
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1 parent c575a41 commit f0542a183432935aaa03f1284a5b072b711fbdf0 Mike Looijmans committed Jan 19, 2011
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8 data/skin_display96.xml
@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@
<!-- main-->
<screen name="InfoBarSummary" position="0,0" size="96,64">
+<!-- PIcon style skin, doesn't work with 100x60 Picons
+ if you like it, put this part in your skin_user.xml
<widget position="0,0" render="Picon" size="70,53" source="session.CurrentService" zPosition="0">
<convert type="ServiceName">Reference</convert>
@@ -31,7 +33,7 @@
<widget source="session.Event_Now" render="Progress" position="0,62" size="96,2" borderWidth="0" transparent="1" pixmap="skin_default/progress_small.png" backgroundColor="#800000" zPosition="1">
<convert type="EventTime">Progress</convert>
-<!-- use the stuff below instead if you don't like PIcons on your display
<widget source="session.CurrentService" render="Label" position="0,0" size="96,21" font="FdLcD;20" halign="left" noWrap="1">
<convert type="ServiceName">Name</convert>
@@ -51,10 +53,8 @@
<widget source="global.CurrentTime" render="Label" position="40,40" size="56,24" font="FdLcD;24" halign="right" valign="top" noWrap="1">
<convert type="ClockToText"></convert>
<!-- channelselection-->
<screen name="ChannelSelection_summary" position="0,0" size="96,64">
<widget source="parent.ServiceEvent" render="Label" position="0,0" size="96,21" font="FdLcD;20" halign="left" noWrap="1" >

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