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enigma2 test environment

The goal is to test as much components of enigma2 with as less dependencies
as possible. So we create an environment which emulates "all" runtime
dependencies with fixed value. 

Only python is tested, all c++ stuff is re-implemented in python (usually as
dummy functions).

When testing components, they should be kept seperated. If this is not
possible, you can try overriding imports, for example you can replace
Notification support with dummy notifications to prevent the whole GUI from

If even that doesn't help, the component is bad, and should be fixed. Please
try to seperate changes to the test system from changes from components.
Please don't add specific test functionality into the components. If they
are not remote controllable, the component is badly writen anyway.

Usually, all dummy functions are implemented to not fail. They emit special
events to signal what has been done. These results will be compared to the
expected test results, so they should be consistent with each run. If you
want to test failures, you need to install "fault hooks", where you can
inject faults.

For example:

The timer test initializes
 - the "real" navigation stuff,
 - the real record config,
 - the real parental control,
 - inserts a fake null-notification handler,

then it installs a timer, and runs the enigma mainloop (
Core events happening during the duration of the test (like "record prepare,
record start, record stop") will be recorded, and compared after the test.

(compare is not yet implemented)

Starting these tests must currently done with
PYTHONPATH=.:..:../lib/python/ python
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