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Piotr Esden-Tempski edited this page Jan 18, 2017 · 1 revision

A few people have expressed concern about the LGPL state of libopencm3, and how in an embedded world, this is often considered to be effectively the GPL. While esden and others have indicated that they consider linking with libopencm3 to not require the linked application to become lgpl, the lack of an explicit linking exception bothers a few people.

While no-one is suggesting anything more radical, this page attempts to collect the feelings of known contributors about the possibility of adding a linking exception. (A wholesale relicense to something much more permissive altogether is OUT OF SCOPE)

If you want to add yourself to this list, or move yourself to a different list, please get in touch on IRC, if you don't have wiki permissions yourself. Please note, this is not (at this stage) any sort of central pressure to do anything, this is just collecting some information to determine feasibility.

== In favour of a linking exception ==

  • karlp
  • cmcmanis
  • felixheld
  • quitte
  • brabo
  • daniellinux
  • esden

== Against adding a linking exception ==

  • kuldeepdhaka
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