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OpenStorage SDK Auth

This repo houses the libraries and CLI to create Auth tokens for OpenStorage SDK.

For more information, please see OpenStorage SDK


This repo provides the command line program openstorage-sdk-auth and Golang package libraries for users and developers to create auth tokens for OpenStorage SDK.

OpenStorage Auth tokens are JWTs based loosely based on the OIDC specification.


A container will be available, but in the meantime you can do the following:

go install -u


To use, you will need to first decide which key type to use to sign the tokens. Although shared secrets are simple, we recommend using RSA256. In the tools/ directory you will find a simple script to generate private and public PEM files.

You will then need to create a claims file using the specification highlighted in this document. Here is an example of a claims file which defines the email, name, and authorization of the account:

name: Luis Pabon
role: volumecreator
groups: ["px-engineering", "kubernetes-csi"]
  - services: ["volume", "identity"]
    apis: ["*"]
  - services: ["node"]
    apis: ["inspectcurrent"]

You can then generate a token using openstorage-sdk-auth. In the example below, we generate a token with an expiration time of 30 days. We use the sample unsecure RSA pem files part of this repo to sign the token.

openstorage-sdk-auth \
  --auth-config=cmd/openstorage-sdk-auth/sample.yml \
  --rsa-private-keyfile=tools/rsa_sample_unsecure_private.pem \
  --token-duration=30d \

Token Specification

OpenStorage SDK tokens are JWT tokens whose claims values are highlighted below:

  • email: Email of the account accessing the SDK
  • name: Name of the account accessing the SDK
  • role: (optional) Role of the account. This role must already be defined by the OpenStorage SDK server.
  • groups: (optional) Groups which the user is part of
  • rules: (optional) Custom role definitions. This allows the token to define the APIs and services the account is allowed to access. Please see below for more information.
  • exp: Time when the token will expire
  • iat: Time when the token was created

Custom Authorization

The OpenStorage SDK server is equipped to handle customized authorization claims. Using this model allows the token generator to customize the authorization rules of the token for specific accounts.

Creating custom authorizations is done by setting up a set of allowed rules directives which are sequentially scanned until a match is found. Rules are created from the OpenStorage SDK API names as follows:

  • services: Is the gRPC service name in OpenStorage<service name> in lowercase
  • apis: Is the API name in the service in lowercase

Rules can also be set to * to allow all services or apis.

Here is an example of a set of rules:

  • Allow any call:
  - services: ["*"]
    apis: ["*"]
  • Allow only cluster operations:
  - services: ["cluster"]
    apis: ["*"]
  • Allow Identity service, able to inspect only the current node, and ability to only create API volume and snapshot calls
  - services: ["identity", "volume"]
    apis: ["create", "version", "capabilities"]
  - services: ["node"]
    apis: ["inspectcurrent"]