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libp2p Docs

Home of

This repo is used to:

  1. Organize documentation work across the libp2p project.
  2. Host the documentation website for libp2p. It gets published to IPFS and made available at

Check the issues for updates.


libp2p documentation currently has several acute problems:

  • There is no clear introduction to the overall idea of exactly how libp2p works and what it’s doing.
  • libp2p has lots of new concepts that are just very different from the web technologies people know today.
  • Docs are inconsistently located and spread across a number of repos people have to hunt through.
  • Clear, standard API docs are not always available.
  • Hunting through GitHub is hard. (Which repos have docs? Where in the repo are they? Which projects are important and how do they relate to the others? Which repos and docs are up-to-date?)

We aim to solve some of these problems through a documentation site (the source of which is in this repo) and others through organizing work, conventions, and practices across project repos (managed in the issues here).

Contributing content

The documentation site contains several different kinds of content. We’d love ❀️ your help with any of it:

  1. Introductory overviews. This lives in content/introduction. If you spot a problem or have improvements, please post an issue or PR.

  2. Guides, examples, and tutorials. Most examples currently live in other repos, like js-libp2p examples. If you have thoughts on how to better integrate them, please file an issue here. If you have feedback on individual examples or want to add a new one, please file an issue or PR on the relevant repo. If you have ideas for guides or tutorials, they belong here! Please propose them in an issue here before creating a PR.

  3. Concept guides. Concept guides are intended to present a brief overview to libp2p-related concepts that might be new to people. They live in the content/concepts folder and should strive to answer:

    1. What is this?
    2. How does it relate to the rest of libp2p?
    3. How can (or should?) you use it? (This can often vary by implementation)
    4. Where do you go to learn more?
    5. What is the current state of affairs?

    See a list of concepts we need help with by checking the issues.

  4. Reference Documentation. Please see the issues in this repo for current activity around reference/API documentation.

  5. Community. If there are important missing community links, file an issue or PR here!

This repo is also a website, which means we could also use your help with design and technical features (interactive examples, better syntax highlighting, scripts to pull in content from other repos, etc.) in addition to writing. To get a sense of what we could use help on, check the the issues. If you decide to work on one, please post to the issue to let us know!

Before posting a PR with your changes, please check our styleguide and contributing guide.

Finally, let’s work together to keep this a respectful and friendly space. Please make sure to follow our code of conduct.

Building the Docs Site

Build and Run the Site

  • In the root directory, run make dev
  • Load http://localhost:1313 in your web browser
  • Edit and add things!

To create a production build, run make build instead. You’ll find the final static site in the public directory.

CI and publication

This site deploys through Fleek to


Why is this is a static site?

We believe in hosting libp2p's documentation on IPFS, and that’s much easier when the content is static.


All software code is copyright (c) Protocol Labs, Inc. under the MIT license.

Other written documentation and content is copyright (c) Protocol Labs, Inc. under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License.

See LICENSE file for details.


***WIP**** πŸ€– πŸ“š Documentation website for the libp2p project.





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