A flooding 'pubsub' system.
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A flooding pubsub system.

PubSub is a work in progress, with floodsub as an initial protocol, followed by gossipsub, which is an alpha release as of May 2018.

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go get github.com/libp2p/go-floodsub




See this issue for an introduction to pubsub, gossipsub and floodsub, which is in the repo for go-floodsub. A PR for gossipsub with Go is here; see gerbil-simsub for a high-level literate specification, as well as the libp2p spec for gossipsub.

The rust-libp2p implementation of floodsub is here. Work is in progress on a gossipsub implementation for Rust with @jamesray1 from Drops of Diamond (which is developing sharding for Ethereum).

Here is a Javascript implementation of floodsub.


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