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[DEPRECATED] An interface for libp2p connection objects
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[DEPRECATED] go-libp2p-interface-conn

This package has been deprecated and is no loner used by go-libp2p. Libp2p used to build up connections as follows:

  1. go "net" conn
  2. multiaddr conn -- net conn with multiaddrs
  3. go-libp2p-transport conn -- multiaddr conns with associated transports
  4. this package -- secured, multiplexed connections
  5. go-libp2p-net conn -- connections associated with a Network (e.g., go-libp2p-swarm).

However, go-libp2p-transport connections are now fully secured and multiplexed so the interfaces in this package have been subsumed by those in go-libp2p-transport.

Interfaces to implement to create a connection object for use in libp2p.

Table of Contents


make install


PRs are welcome!

Small note: If editing the Readme, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


MIT © Jeromy Johnson

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