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secio is not maintained any more, and we advise against using it.

Use go-libp2p-tls and go-libp2p-noise instead.


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A secure transport module for go-libp2p

go-libp2p-secio is a component of the libp2p project, a modular networking stack for developing peer-to-peer applications. It provides a secure transport channel for go-libp2p. Following an initial plaintext handshake, all data exchanged between peers using go-libp2p-secio is encrypted and protected from eavesdropping.

libp2p supports multiple transport protocols, many of which lack native channel security. go-libp2p-secio is designed to work with go-libp2p's "transport upgrader", which applies security modules (like go-libp2p-secio) to an insecure channel. go-libp2p-secio implements the SecureTransport interface, which allows the upgrader to secure any underlying connection.

More detail on the handshake protocol and wire format used is available in the SECIO spec.


Most people building applications with libp2p will have no need to install go-libp2p-secio directly. It is included as a dependency of the main go-libp2p "entry point" module and is enabled by default.

For users who do not depend on go-libp2p and are managing their libp2p module dependencies in a more manual fashion, go-libp2p-secio is a standard Go module which can be installed with:

go get

This repo is gomod-compatible, and users of go 1.11 and later with modules enabled will automatically pull the latest tagged release by referencing this package. Upgrades to future releases can be managed using go get, or by editing your go.mod file as described by the gomod documentation.


go-libp2p-secio is enabled by default when constructing a new libp2p Host, and it will be used to secure connections if both peers support it and agree to use it when establishing the connection.

You can disable SECIO by using the Security option when constructing a libp2p Host and passing in a different SecureTransport implementation, for example, go-libp2p-tls.

Transport security can be disabled for development and testing by passing the NoSecurity global Option.


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

This repository falls under the libp2p Code of Conduct.

Want to hack on libp2p?



The last gx published version of this module was: 2.0.30: QmSVaJe1aRjc78cZARTtf4pqvXERYwihyYhZWoVWceHnsK