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Stream connection to libp2p connection upgrader

This package provides the necessary logic to upgrade multiaddr-net connections listeners into full libp2p-transport connections and listeners.

To use, construct a new Upgrader with:

Note: This package largely replaces the functionality of go-libp2p-conn but with half the code.


go-libp2p-transport-upgrader is a standard Go module which can be installed with:

go get

Note that go-libp2p-transport-upgrader is packaged with Gx, so it is recommended to use Gx to install and use it (see the Usage section).


This module is packaged with Gx. In order to use it in your own project it is recommended that you:

go get -u
go get -u
cd <your-project-repository>
gx init
gx import
gx install --global
gx-go --rewrite

Please check Gx and Gx-go documentation for more information.


Below is a simplified TCP transport implementation using the transport upgrader. In practice, you'll want to use go-tcp-transport (which has reuseport support).

package tcptransport

import (

	tptu ""

	ma ""
	mafmt ""
	manet ""
	tpt ""

// TcpTransport is a simple TCP transport.
type TcpTransport struct {
	// Connection upgrader for upgrading insecure stream connections to
	// secure multiplex connections.
	Upgrader *tptu.Upgrader

var _ tpt.Transport = &TcpTransport{}

// NewTCPTransport creates a new TCP transport instance.
func NewTCPTransport(upgrader *tptu.Upgrader) *TcpTransport {
	return &TcpTransport{Upgrader: upgrader}

// CanDial returns true if this transport believes it can dial the given
// multiaddr.
func (t *TcpTransport) CanDial(addr ma.Multiaddr) bool {
	return mafmt.TCP.Matches(addr)

// Dial dials the peer at the remote address.
func (t *TcpTransport) Dial(ctx context.Context, raddr ma.Multiaddr, p peer.ID) (tpt.Conn, error) {
    var dialer manet.Dialer
    conn, err := dialer.DialContext(ctx, raddr)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err
	return t.Upgrader.UpgradeOutbound(ctx, t, conn, p)

// Listen listens on the given multiaddr.
func (t *TcpTransport) Listen(laddr ma.Multiaddr) (tpt.Listener, error) {
	list, err := manet.Listen(laddr)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err
	return t.Upgrader.UpgradeListener(t, list), nil

// Protocols returns the list of terminal protocols this transport can dial.
func (t *TcpTransport) Protocols() []int {
	return []int{ma.P_TCP}

// Proxy always returns false for the TCP transport.
func (t *TcpTransport) Proxy() bool {
	return false


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

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