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syntax = "proto2";
package identify.pb;
message Delta {
// new protocols now serviced by the peer.
repeated string added_protocols = 1;
// protocols dropped by the peer.
repeated string rm_protocols = 2;
message Identify {
// protocolVersion determines compatibility between peers
optional string protocolVersion = 5; // e.g. ipfs/1.0.0
// agentVersion is like a UserAgent string in browsers, or client version in bittorrent
// includes the client name and client.
optional string agentVersion = 6; // e.g. go-ipfs/0.1.0
// publicKey is this node's public key (which also gives its node.ID)
// - may not need to be sent, as secure channel implies it has been sent.
// - then again, if we change / disable secure channel, may still want it.
optional bytes publicKey = 1;
// listenAddrs are the multiaddrs the sender node listens for open connections on
repeated bytes listenAddrs = 2;
// oservedAddr is the multiaddr of the remote endpoint that the sender node perceives
// this is useful information to convey to the other side, as it helps the remote endpoint
// determine whether its connection to the local peer goes through NAT.
optional bytes observedAddr = 4;
// protocols are the services this node is running
repeated string protocols = 3;
// a delta update is incompatible with everything else. If this field is included, none of the others can appear.
optional Delta delta = 7;
// signedPeerRecord contains a serialized SignedEnvelope containing a PeerRecord,
// signed by the sending node. It contains the same addresses as the listenAddrs field, but
// in a form that lets us share authenticated addrs with other peers.
// see and
// for message definitions.
optional bytes signedPeerRecord = 8;