JavaScript implementation of the DHT for libp2p
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JavaScript implementation of the Kademlia DHT for libp2p, based on go-libp2p-kad-dht.

Lead Maintainer

Vasco Santos.

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> npm i libp2p-kad-dht

Use in Node.js

const KadDHT = require('libp2p-kad-dht')


See for the auto generated docs.

The libp2p-kad-dht module offers 3 APIs: Peer Routing, Content Routing and Peer Discovery.

Peer Routing

Content Routing

Peer Discovery

libp2p-kad-dht provides a discovery service called Random Walk (random walks on the DHT to discover more nodes). It is accessible through dht.randomWalk and exposes the Peer Discovery interface.


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MIT - Protocol Labs 2017