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JavaScript implementation of

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$ npm i @libp2p/mplex

Browser <script> tag

Loading this module through a script tag will make it's exports available as Libp2pMplex in the global namespace.

<script src=""></script>


import { mplex } from '@libp2p/mplex'
import { pipe } from 'it-pipe'

const factory = mplex()

const muxer = factory.createStreamMuxer(components, {
  onStream: stream => { // Receive a duplex stream from the remote
    // ...receive data from the remote and optionally send data back
  onStreamEnd: stream => {
    // ...handle any tracking you may need of stream closures

pipe(conn, muxer, conn) // conn is duplex connection to another peer

const stream = muxer.newStream() // Create a new duplex stream to the remote

// Use the duplex stream to send some data to the remote...
pipe([1, 2, 3], stream)

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