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Planning and project management for the libp2p Project
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libp2p Team Planning, Management & Coordination threads

libp2p is a modular peer-to-peer networking stack. This repo tracks team management issues like our bi-weekly call. For general information about libp2p, refer to the website or the main repo.

Weekly Synchronous Call

libp2p has a sync video call every week, alternating between two times:

The purpose of alternating times each week is to have one call that is convenient for US+Europe, and another that is convenient for US+Asia.

Anyone is welcome to join any call! If it's fine to come if you just want to learn about libp2p.

The agenda is tracked in this issue. Scroll to the bottom to see the most recent comment, which is usually added on Friday for the following week's meeting.

After the call, notes are merged into this repo under meeting notes.

We post these call recordings to the libp2p YouTube Channel (Team Meetings Playlist. Some older (2018) recordings are here for anyone interested.

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