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Turning Pure Data into an embeddable audio synthesis library
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cpp reorganized all samples & tests by language, updated C & C++ sample M…
csharp libpd_init now returns 0 on success & -1 on failure to match C conven…
dist Added support for including native libraries in libpd.jar
java/org/puredata/core General reformatting.
jni Fixed incorrect pointer dereference.
libpd.xcodeproj Allow Xcode to generate a valid archive.
libpd_wrapper call bob_tilde_setup in z_libpd.c
libs added original mingGW LGPL pthreads dll
objc Update PdBase.m
pure-data @ 905695a updated to pure-data 0.46 branch for multi instance bugfix
python reorganized all samples & tests by language, updated C & C++ sample M…
samples typo fixes to pdtest_multi.c
.classpath cosmetic change
.gitignore reorganized all samples & tests by language, updated C & C++ sample M…
.gitmodules changed submodule to pure-data tracking repo
.project Added integration test for MIDI in particular switched submodule to pure data sourceforge git repo; udpated to pd 0…
CHANGES.txt updated changes for 0.8.0 release
LICENSE.txt Added license info, improved tests
Makefile added simple install & uninstall Makefiel targets, closes #59 added simple install & uninstall Makefiel targets, closes #59
libpd_win.sln removed example for now
mingw_build.bat Copy compiled dll to C# wrapper solution


Pure Data as an embeddable audio synthesis library

Copyright (c) Peter Brinkmann & the libpd team 2010-2015


See our website and book at

For documentation of libpd, see the wiki:

If you are using Processing, iOS, or Android, see our companion repositories:

Repository Layout


The folder containing the sources of Pd Vanilla and standard externals. This is a git submodule of Miller Puckette's official Pd git repository (git://, available through a Github mirror:  

If you're cloning this repo, make sure to checkout the submodule:

git submodule init
git submodule update


This folder contains the source files that make up the core of libpd., Makefile, libpd.xcodeproj, libpd_win.sln

Build support for various platforms. Feel free to improve the build system in any way you see fit.

Currently the main Makefile builds a dynamic lib on Windows (in MinGW), Linux, & Mac OSX and has the following targets:

  • libpd: (default) builds if no target is specified, builds the
  • cpplib: builds libpd with the cpp wrapper
  • csharplib: builds libpdcsharp.dll (tested on Windows only)
  • javalib: builds libpdnative and the jni wrapper
  • clean: removes the object files
  • clobber: removes the linked library files
  • install: installs libpd C library (+ C++ if built) and headers, set location with prefix= (default: /usr/local)
  • uninstall: removes libpd C library and headers, set location with prefix= (default: /usr/local)

Makefile options allow for conditional compilation of libpd util and pd extra externals sources into libpd as well as other options:

  • UTIL=true, compiles libpd_wrapper/util ringbuffer and print concatenator
  • EXTRA=true, compiles pure-data/extra externals which are then inited in libpd_init()
  • DEBUG=true, compiles libpd with -Wall & no optimizations

For example, to build libpd with both util and extra:

make UTIL=true EXTRA=true

java, csharp, objc, cpp, python

Glue for using libpd with Java, C#, Objective C, C++ and Python. Feel free to improve or add support for other languages such as Lua.


Contains small sample programs and tests in the various supported langauges.

Java Builds

Ready-made binaries for Java are available at libpd-java-build: (may not be up to date)

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