Rust bindings to netmap.
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Rust bindings to netmap, currently at version 3.17 (Linux).


To use within your own project, add:

version = "0.1.3"
# Uncomment this line where you wish to use features guarded by the
# NETMAP_WITH_LIBS macro in C.
#features = "netmap_with_libs"

To your Cargo.toml.


missing rust_netmap_user

If you get an error containing the message:

error: could not find native static library `rust_netmap_user`, perhaps an -L flag is missing?

You should check the following things:

  1. You have gcc / clang installed
  2. Make sure that /usr/include/net/netmap.h and /usr/include/net/netmap_user.h both exist. If they do not, you should check your netmap installation. You can either manually add these files or symlinks to the, or change the paths searched in
  3. If you still have issues, please file an issue in the bug tracker, along with the output of cargo build -v, your operating system and distribution, how you installed netmap, and the output of clang -DNETMAP_WITH_LIBS -Dstatic= -Dinline= -x c -fPIC -O2 -c /usr/include/net/netmap_user.h -o $(mktemp).